Cared for by You

elderly woman sitting on couch
Photo: JDC/Arik Shraga

When she wants to use her stove, Galina needs to feed it with expensive coal. When she wants to bathe, she must first heat the water in a pot on the stovetop.  These challenges, which hearken back to life in past centuries, are nearly impossible for Galina, who is disabled and lives alone, with no one to help her.

Except you. The Fellowship sends her a homecare worker who visits once a week and helps Galina cook, clean, and bathe.

A Challenging Life

Your kindness gives Galina something positive to focus on and takes her mind off her troubles. It’s part of a positive attitude she developed years ago when, as a teenager, she fell seriously ill.

Over the years, Galina underwent 15 surgeries. She worked hard to recover, hoping each time that the surgery would allow her to return to a healthier life. In between procedures, Galina earned a college degree and became a librarian. It was a difficult road, but Galina was determined.

You Give Comfort

Now, Galina is tired of struggling. Her illnesses wore away at her, so that today she can barely walk, limiting her world to home. To keep up her spirits, Galina does craftwork and reads. But she takes the most comfort in the support she receives from The Fellowship to help supplement her small monthly pension. In addition to the homecare worker, you provide Galina with a bank card allowing her to pay her utility bills, and you ensure she has the nourishment her body needs to survive another month.

Galina doesn’t think about the hard life she’s had. Instead, she focuses on how she feels cared for by you.

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