The Redemption Story We Need Right Now

Yael Eckstein  |  March 25, 2021

Eckstein Family Passover illustrating Passover redemption message

On Saturday at sundown, Jewish people around the world will begin the observance of Passover, the celebration of God’s deliverance of His people from slavery in Egypt. Writing for our friends at Deseret News, Yael tells how the Passover story is one of redemption, renewing our hope and reminding us to remain faithful and seek God:

As Passover approaches this year, there is an atmosphere of hope in Israel. Last year, as we were commemorating the Jewish people’s Exodus from slavery to freedom, Israel and much of the rest of the world were under a strict lockdown, so most Jewish people were only able to hold modest Passover Seders (the ritual meal that reenacts the Exodus story) with their immediate families. Some people I know spent the holiday completely alone. Now, with Israeli health officials saying that further lockdowns are unlikely, it seems we have finally turned a corner.

Passover is significant in that it’s a time for Jews to reflect on the cycles of exile and redemption that are constantly taking place in the world — and within each one of us. After this past year, we all know something about the feeling of living in exile, distant from the people we love, and unable to safely gather together. While we certainly haven’t experienced the slavery of the Israelites in Egypt, as we study Scripture during the holiday we are able to stand in their shoes, remembering both the adversity they faced and the miracles they experienced. And with that, we’re learning something about redemption for our present moment as well…

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