The Last Day Before the High Holy Days

The Fellowship  |  October 8, 2019

Yael Eckstein smiling & holding elderly disabled woman named Lydia

We didn’t know if we would make it. It came down to the last day before the High Holy Days began and there were still so many deserving Jewish souls that needed food to observe this sacred season with dignity.

We lifted our eyes to heaven and pleaded with God to provide the resources needed to feed every hungry belly. And we are so happy to report that He DID provide…for THOUSANDS of elderly, families, and children through prayers and gifts from friends like you.

We reached everyone in time — and saw thousands of smiles just like the one on Lydia’s face.

Her Smile Is Because of Fellowship Friends

Lydia’s story has a happy ending, because of you. And she deserves that happy ending with all the tragedy she has faced in her life.

Lydia has had to endure hardship that most people couldn’t even begin to understand. She spent her ENTIRE childhood running from Nazis, suffered the devastating deaths of her siblings, and was a victim of the Chernobyl disaster — the worst nuclear accident in history.

Because of the Chernobyl disaster, Lydia suffered two strokes, partial paralysis, and other major health issues. She is completely homebound, living in a third-floor apartment with no elevator — and completely reliant on angels like you to help provide for her needs.

Because of Fellowship friends like you, we were able to provide Lydia with the basic essentials she needs to live, as well as special holiday foods to celebrate the High Holy Days with devotion.

Our Fellowship friends have reminded her that God has NOT forsaken her. “I still wake up every day, see the sun, see that I’m in Israel, and I thank God,” she says.

When you support The Fellowship’s outreach, you do so much more than meet the physical needs of someone like Lydia; you feed their souls and renew their faith in God.

We are grateful for our Fellowship supporters who are living in the image of God, just as He intended.

The Jewish High Holy Days are meant to bring us closer to God. Want to know more about the Jewish roots of your faith? Journey with The Fellowship through the Jewish calendar in our Learn Center to watch Yael Eckstein’s personal videos, receive teachings, and find holiday recipes to make at home!