Our Holy Work!

The Fellowship  |  August 7, 2019

our holy work provides relief for elderly Jews in Israel

Do you know why The Fellowship’s ministry is so effective? It’s because of supporters like YOU. Our holy work has been blessed by God — He has joined together godly Christians and Jews to bring tangible blessings to His people.

We saw a critical need in Israel last summer. The temperatures all across the Holy Land were rising, putting the elderly at extreme risk of dehydration and heat-related illness.

Calls poured in. An unexpected medical expense, an increased utility bill, additional clean water to stay hydrated — any one of these extra expenses can put fragile elderly beyond their monthly budgets and into dire situations, both financially and physically.

Without the outpouring of support of our Summer Relief holy work from friends like you, we could have lost someone like Fenya.

We were able to deliver a desperately needed fan and clean water to drink, on top of receiving her monthly basic needs like food, medicine, and shelter.

You can join our Fellowship family and show your love for the Jewish people and put your faith into action this summer or all year long with a monthly gift.

Want to see more pictures of those who were helped this summer? Go to our Facebook or Instagram pages to see the beautiful faces of those who were comforted. Make sure to follow us to see the amazing impact of Fellowship friends like you!

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