12 Stunning Biblical Plants and Wildflowers in the Holy Land

plants and wildflowers in Israel Sea of Galilee


The Holy Land’s amateur photographer Daniel Santacruz only has to walk out his front door to find biblical plants and wildflowers says Israel21c. It started after flipping through the 1982 book, Plants of the Bible by Michael Zohary. Santacruz then started photographing these beautiful flowers he found in his neighborhood, he says in a recent interview:

“I realized some of the plants featured in the book are seen right outside my door,” he tells ISRAEL21c.

He never goes out without his Nikon D3200. “I am afraid I may miss something interesting if I don’t have it.”

On his walks, he started photographing plants he’d read about in the book. Before posting them on his Facebook page, he spends a couple of hours checking multiple sources to be sure he is correctly identifying the plant by its Latin/scientific name and its popular name. He frequently finds biblical references to the plant as well.

“I’m not a botanist or a rabbi so I need to do careful research before I post the information,” he says. “Many of the names of these plants are translations of translations.”

He’s posted his photos to his Facebook page. And also to several blogs, one called “The Ma’aleh Adumim Project” and the other “Funny Israel.”

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