Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem tree-planting ceremony for Puchalskis, 1987

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They Never Lost Courage

Jan and Anna Puchalski were a Christian couple who risked the lives of their family to rescue Polish Jews during the Holocaust.

Old photo of Holocaust victim Father Jacques de Jesus, sitting and smiling in tattered priest robes

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Goodbye, Children

Father Jacques was a French priest and teacher who used his school to shelter Jews from the Nazis.

Grave stone of Oskar Schindler, famed ally of the Jews during the Holocaust

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‘Schindlers’ Around the World

Oskar Schindler was not the only person around the world to save Jewish lives during the Holocaust. These five Righteous Gentiles also acted kindly and heroically during World War II.

Ho Feng-Shan

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Safe Passage to Shanghai

A diplomat called "the Chinese Schindler," Ho Feng-Shan risked his life by issuing lifesaving visas to tens of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust.

Memorial plaque for Zofia Kossak

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A Woman of Great Generosity and Courage

Zofia Kossak was a Christian writer in Poland whose words and actions helped save Polish Jews during the Holocaust.

Photo of Jonas and Felicija Radlinkskas with the sisters they rescued, Dora and Shifra Reznik

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From Cellar to Supper

Sisters Dora and Shifra Reznik lost their entire family to the Holocaust, and would have lost their lives if not for the kindness of a Tatar family.

Simone Stolze-Coque

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Like a Ray of Sunshine

Simone Stolze-Coque was a French nurse who rescued and aided Jewish children during the Holocaust.

Armin T. Wegner planting tree at Yad Vashem

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‘I Loved Justice and Hated Injustice’

Armin T. Wegner was the only writer in Nazi Germany who publicly raised his voice against the persecution of the Jewish people during the Holocaust.

92-Year-Old WWII Rescuer Meets the Jews She Saved During the Holocaust

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92-Year-Old WWII Rescuer Meets the Jews She Saved During the Holocaust

After all these years, Melpomeni Dina had a chance to meet the Israeli siblings who she helped save during the Holocaust reports CBN News.

Portrait of Russian Princess Sofka Skipwith

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A Russian Princess and Righteous Gentile

Sofka Skipwith was born into royalty, interned by the Nazis, and worked to save Jews during the Holocaust.

Sender Appelboim

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‘You Can Take My Body, But Not My Soul’

A Christian family in Ukraine lost all that they had because they helped save God's children during the Holocaust.

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