Yaakov Lappin

Turkish soldier

Stand For Israel

What Developments in Syria Mean for Israel

While there will be many consequences of the events going in the Middle East concerning Turkey and Syria, one thing is clear — it will not harm U.S.-Israeli relations.

Hezbollah missile factory

Stand For Israel

IDF Foils Hezbollah’s Risky Attacks

Israel has enforced its red lines on the northern border and exposed Hezbollah's guided-missile program, but strategic threats from the terror group continue.

Killer drone footage taken by IDF

Stand For Israel

Israel’s Campaign to Disrupt Iran’s War Machine

The “deep struggle” underway over Iran’s efforts to entrench itself in Syria led Israel to publicize its latest strike against a terrorist kamikaze drone.

IAF flight school graduation

Stand For Israel

Realizing a Dream

A newly graduated IAF navigator tells of his unlikely journey to the Israeli Air Force.

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