Amnon Weinstein restoring Holocaust violins

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Violins of Hope

Amnon Weinstin is an Israeli violin maker who has refurbished violins from the Holocaust so that the world will never forget this dark chapter in Jewish history.

Running to Rachel's Tomb

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Running to Rachel’s Tomb

Run, walk, or sit on this tour of the Holy Land from Jerusalem to the tomb of a biblical matriarch on the outskirts of Bethlehem.

Yardena Arazi

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Yardena Arazi – One of Israel’s Most Popular Singers

From Eurovision in the 1970s to singing for Israel's 70th birthday, Yardena Arazi has long been one of the Holy Land's most beloved entertainers.

Kipras Petrauskas in opera costume

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From Opera Star to Holocaust Hero

A Lithuanian opera tenor, Kipras Petrauskas and his wife gave up their lives and careers to shelter and save the daughter of a Jewish friend and colleague.

Running Around Jerusalem tour

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Running Around Jerusalem

Join Israeli tour guides for a virtual tour through the Holy Land, safely from the comfort of your own home or treadmill.

Scene of terrorist stabbing, Petah Tikva, August 26, 2020

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Israeli Man Killed in Terrorist Stabbing Attack

An Israeli man outside of Tel Aviv was killed when a Palestinian terrorist carried out a heinous stabbing attack in broad daylight.

Gold coins found by IAA, August 2020

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A Treasure Trove Found in the Holy Land

Israeli young people volunteering with the Israeli Antiquities Authority before joining the IDF uncovered a hoard of 1,100-year-old gold coins.

Children's shoes at Auschwitz

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Auschwitz Discovery: Heartbreaking Find in Child’s Shoes

A haunting discovery was made at Aushcwitz-Birkenau concentration camp - a handwritten note found in a murdered child's shoe.

Harpo Marx playing the Harp

Stand For Israel

Harpo in the Holy Land

Harpo Marx, the iconic Jewish-American comedian left one of his most iconic props - his beloved harp - to the nation of his people, Israel.

Auschwitz: A Haunting Question

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Auschwitz: A Haunting Question

Eighty years after the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp opened, we share the somber reflections of our beloved Rabbi Eckstein, of blessed memory, after he visited this site where more than a million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

David Ben-Gurion reads Israel's Declaration of Independence, May 14, 1948

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The Redemption of Israel: The Jewish State’s Independence

On May 14, 1948, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion officially declared the modern state of Israel's independence.

Lion of Judah statue being placed, May 2020

Stand For Israel

‘Lion of Judah’ Home in Jerusalem

A gift to the Jewish state from her evangelical Christian friends has finally found a permanent place in the Holy City.

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