US-Israel Relations

Iranian drone

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How Israel and US Are Taking Iran’s Drone Threat Seriously

The United States and Israel look to confront the very real threat posed by drones from Iran.

Prime Ministers, Presidents, and sons of Presidents, David Ben-Gurion, FDR Jr., and JFK in Israel, 1951

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Photo Friday: Lead This People

To celebrate Presidents' Day, coming up on Monday in the U.S., we share this photo taken in 1951 in Israel, when a young JFK and the son of FDR visited David Ben-Gurion.

George Shultz with Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Shamir

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An American Friend of Israel Dies at 100

Ronald Reagan's Secretary of State George Shultz helped end the Cold War and forged a path for Israel to find peace.

First anniversary of US embassy in Jerusalem

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US Embassy to Stay in Jerusalem Permanently

The United States Senate voted 97-3 to keep the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.

Abba Eban and David Ben-Gurion present President Harry Truman with a menorah

Fellowship Blog

A Father of the Modern State of Israel

An Israeli diplomat, politician, and scholar, Abba Eban served the Jewish state from before it won its independence and for decades afterward.

American flag lights up city hall in Tel Aviv, Israel on January 7, 2021

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Israel Stands for America

After rioters invaded the U.S. Capitol, America's greatest ally - Israel - is lighting up in solidarity with her American friends.

Female IAF pilot, Lt. O.

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IAF’s First American-Raised Female Pilot

One of two women in her class to pass a grueling IAF 3-year training course, a 21 year old from the U.S. will fly the skies of Israel.

Soldiers from nation of Israel and U.S. embrace

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Photo Friday: Blessed Is the Nation Whose God Is the Lord

The nation and people of Israel stand with their greatest ally, the United States, as nations founded on shared biblical values.

Yael Eckstein at Western Wall, site of biblical Temple

Yael's Holy Land Reflections

Biblical Wisdom for a Brighter Future

Let us stay in faith, love one another, and set a good example for our children, guided all the while by the biblical values on which Israel and America are founded.

Scene of rocket attack on Ashdod, Israel, September 15, 2020

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13 Israelis Hurt by Rocket Attack During Peace Ceremony

Palestinian terrorists carried out a rocket attack on southern Israel as Israel worked to make peace with her neighbors.

Firefighters fight California fires, August 2020

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Israeli Firefighters to Help Battle California Blazes

An Israeli team of firefighters will spend two years in the U.S. helping their American allies and counterparts fight the ongoing deadly California fires.

Iron Dome missile defense system, partially provided by American aid to Israel

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US House Passes Defense Aid for Israel

Israel's allies in the US Congress have allotted American funds to help protect the Jewish state from terror attacks.

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