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Israel and the US, Winning Together

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon says that the strength of the U.S.-Israel alliance helps both countries' efforts on the world stage.

Stand For Israel

Haley: Trump’s Peace Plan Puts Israel’s Security First

In an exclusive interview on the upcoming "Deal of the Century," Nikki Haley slams the Palestinians for not coming to the table when it comes to peace, while noting that "Israel should not be worried."

Stand For Israel

Palestinian Authority Planning ‘Popular Uprising’

As the U.S. is set to introduce a plan that the Palestinians don't like, they instead plan to use violence that will, as usual, be directed at Israel.

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America’s Future Depends on Our Relationship with Israel

World leaders should extend the same goodwill as the U.S. to the Jewish state and her people.

Stand For Israel

‘I Was Really, Really Scared’

An eight-year-old girl wounded in the synagogue shooting recalls the attack, while her uncle reenacts their rush to safety.

Stand For Israel

Border Patrol Agent Prayed Armed — Just in Case

After recently rediscovering his Jewish roots, a member of law enforcement had been traveling 3.5 hours to worship at the very synagogue that was targeted in this weekend's shooting.

Stand For Israel

In the Face of Darkness, Spread Light

In response to this weekend's synagogue shooting that left one dead and injured him, the synagogue's rabbi called on all of us to go out and spread light.

Stand For Israel

A Special Rabbi, Two Israelis, and a Woman of Valor

This weekend's anti-Semitic shooting targeted not just a California congregation celebrating Passover, but the synagogue's special members as they worshiped.

Stand For Israel

Iran Threatens US Troops in Mideast

As the United States labels his group a terrorist organization, the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard warns that American troops will be targets.

Stand For Israel

Hezbollah Head Murdered US Troops

Hezbollah's new terrorist leader against Israel in the Syrian Golan Heights earlier killed American soldiers serving in Iraq.

Stand For Israel

ISIS Kills American Soldiers in Syria

An Islamic State suicide bomber with an explosive vest attacked a U.S. patrol in northern Syria.

Stand For Israel

US Adopts New Definition of Anti-Semitism in Schools

The United States is changing how it looks into anti-Jewish discrimination, backed by pro-Israel groups.

Stand For Israel

US and Allies Strike Syria

Trump says U.S., along with U.K. and France, are striking Syria in response to chemical weapons attack.

Stand For Israel

American Anti-Semitism More Than Doubles

With 1,986 incidents of anti-Semitism last year in the U.S., the country has seen a huge increase in anti-Jewish actions in the past two years.

Stand For Israel

Nikki Haley Presents Undeniable Evidence of Iranian Missile Violations

The American ambassador to the United Nations provided evidence that the Islamic Republic is supplying missiles to Yemeni rebels, violating international law.

Stand For Israel

Palestinians Freeze All US Contacts

As Washington tries to bring Palestinians back into the peace process, Palestinian leadership acts out against threat to shutter PLO office in America.

Stand For Israel

26 Killed in Texas Church Shooting

A gunman opened fire on a Baptist church in Texas on Sunday morning, killing at least 26 worshipers and wounding dozens more.

Stand For Israel

Hezbollah Terrorists Planning Attack on US Soil

The American government has offered millions in reward for Hezbollah terrorists who are planning to carry out an attack within the U.S.

Stand For Israel

Iranian Army Chief Threatens US Bases

Iran's chief of staff called for attacks on American military bases in the Middle East if Washington imposes more sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Stand For Israel

US Slaps Iran with Sanctions

The U.S. State Department says that the Iranian nuclear agreement is being undermined by the Islamic Republic's ballistic missile program, as well as its support for Hezbollah and Hamas.

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