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Israeli Vet Builds Site for Travelers With Disabilities

After an Israeli war vet learned how difficult it is to travel with his disability, he set out to make the process easier for those seeking accessible accommodations in Tel Aviv, New York, London, and more.

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11 Biblical Experiences in Israel You’ll Never Forget

In the Holy Land, you can walk in the footsteps of the Bible.

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6 Places to Visit in 6 Hours in the Western Galilee

Writing at Israel21c, Brian Blum makes an anniversary trip to northern Israel and he shares the best spots to check out when you visit.

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The Path Home to Israel

The Fellowship's manager of tourism talks about his journey to the Holy Land, his friendship with Christians, and his work engaging visitors from around the world with the Holy Land and our work there.

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10 Things You Must Do in Jerusalem

Jerusalem may be one of the most famous cities in history. Our friends at Israel21c share their top 10 things to do right now in the Holy City.

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Old City Sites, Lanes Now Accessible for Travelers in Wheelchairs

Now tourists who are disabled have better access to many of Jerusalem’s popular sites after a 9-year renovation project reports the Times of Israel.

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9 Unforgettable Photos of the Historic City of Akko

The Old City of Acre (Akko) is one of Israel’s most beautiful places. ISRAEL21c shares some unforgettable photos of the Old City of Acre. Check them out here!

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10 Hotels for a Great Stay in Eilat

Eilat is a tourist attraction, with one of the most beautiful coral reefs, beaches, hiking and biking trails, and so many festivals and restaurants. Our friends at ISRAEL21c share the best hotels to stay to make your next visit to Eilat a memorable one.

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13 Israeli Secondhand Stores to Explore

Are you planning on doing some shopping in the Holy Land? Our friends at ISRAEL21c share 13 Israeli secondhand stores to visit. From charming teacup sets to summer dresses, you’ll find something for everyone.

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Where to Purchase Amazing Original Artwork in Israel

Our friends at ISRAEL21c share where to find unique Israeli artwork during your next trip to the Holy Land!

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5 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat in the Israeli Summer

Writing at NoCamels, Viva Sarah Press shares five ways to stay cool this summer in Israel.

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10 of the Best Seaside Restaurants in Israel

Are you hoping to dine by the sea on your next trip to Israel? Our friends at ISRAEL21c share the best seaside restaurants in Israel.

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8 Cool Photos that Show How Israelis Keep Calm in the Heat

ISRAEL21c shares some Israeli summertime photos. Check them out now!

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Join Us for a Tour of Nazareth’s Extraordinary Street Food

Most known for its biblical significance, the city of Nazareth has many churches and biblical sites to visit. Our friends at ISRAEL21c tell us Nazareth also serves up some of the best Holy Land dishes.

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A List of Must-Have Apps for Visitors to Israel

If you’re traveling to the innovation nation, here are the best smartphone apps to make your visit easier.

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11 of the Best Pizza Parlors in Israel

Writers at Israel21c share the best pizza restaurants in Israel!

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10 Tips to Survive the Boiling Israeli Summer Like a Local

In Israel, it can get pretty hot … summer weather can stretch between April and October, so Israel21c shares some tips to survive the heat!

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Top 32 Summer Activities for Kids in Israel

Israel has many kid friendly activities for you to do with your family this summer!

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11 Delightful Israeli Day Trips on the Train

Israel railways are expanding more than ever.


Digital Nomads Can Now Work Remotely from a Kibbutz

A new opportunity for those who don’t work in the office – freelancers, bloggers, entrepreneurs – is arriving. Now you can work remotely from a kibbutz (a communal settlement in Israel, typically a farm)!

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A Guide to Tel Aviv’s Best Markets

Experience the delicious local foods Israel has to offer by checking out the best marketplaces filled with many different tastes and colors.

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