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Rocket from Gaza Lands Off Israel’s Coast

A terrorist rocket launched from the Gaza Strip landed in the Mediterranean Sea, alarming residents of southern Israel with its loud explosion, but thankfully injuring no one.

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‘I Was Really, Really Scared’

An eight-year-old girl wounded in the synagogue shooting recalls the attack, while her uncle reenacts their rush to safety.

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Border Patrol Agent Prayed Armed — Just in Case

After recently rediscovering his Jewish roots, a member of law enforcement had been traveling 3.5 hours to worship at the very synagogue that was targeted in this weekend's shooting.

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‘Our Enemies Don’t Understand That We Aren’t Going Anywhere’

The Israeli family whose home was destroyed last month by a terrorist rocket from Gaza is now rejoicing the arrival of their fifth grandchild.

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How Palestinian Leaders Encourage Terrorism

The message being sent to the Palestinians by their leadership is that the well-being of terrorists is more important than that of hard-working people.

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Out of the Snare

A Christian Zionist in Jerusalem recalls the day more than 20 years ago when she was nearly killed by a suicide bomber.

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Islamist Terror Is Alive and Kicking

Those who thought that ISIS and their ilk had been defeated were very, very wrong.

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Terrorists Tweak Social Media Tactics

Groups like Hamas and Hezbollah have evolved so that their online content doesn't trigger counterterrorism alerts.

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Israel Offers Aid, Condemns Sri Lanka Terror Attacks

After terror attacks on Easter killed hundreds in the island nation, PM Netanyahu slammed the "murderous attacks against innocent people" and said Israel is "ready to assist."

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‘Without Jerusalem, There Is Nothing to Talk About’

The Palestinian Authority has slammed the upcoming American peace plan, while also promising to continue paying terrorists.

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‘We Know What the Iranians Are Capable Of’

The U.S. Coordinator for Counterterrorism visited the Gaza border, blaming Iran for the security situation and witnessing Hamas' investment in terrorism there.

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Iran Threatens US Troops in Mideast

As the United States labels his group a terrorist organization, the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard warns that American troops will be targets.

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