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The Damascus Affair

The eighth president of the United States stood up for persecuted Jews overseas.

Stand For Israel

What Developments in Syria Mean for Israel

While there will be many consequences of the events going in the Middle East concerning Turkey and Syria, one thing is clear — it will not harm U.S.-Israeli relations.

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Iranian Militia Fires Rockets at Israel from Syria

The IDF says the projectiles, launched around same time as an attack on terrorist group, fell short of Israeli territory.

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Winning Against Iran…For Now

Israel's recent preemptive strike on Iranian terrorists in Syria was a great success, sending Iran the message that Israel will always uncover its terrorist plots.

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Israel’s Campaign to Disrupt Iran’s War Machine

The “deep struggle” underway over Iran’s efforts to entrench itself in Syria led Israel to publicize its latest strike against a terrorist kamikaze drone.

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Israel Strikes Iranian and Hezbollah Targets in Syria

The Israeli Air Force and Navy targeted multiple terror sites in Syria, with Syrian forces opening fire.

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Syria Vows to Recapture Golan from Israel by All Means

As Syrians protest the American recognition of Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights, the war-torn nation vows to "liberate every inch" of the territory from Israel.

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Syria Threatens to Attack Ben Gurion Airport

After the IAF hit Iranian targets near the Damascus airport, Syria's envoy to the U.N. says his nation has the right to respond in kind.

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IDF Strike on Syria Targets Iran Revolutionary Guard

The Israeli airstrikes on Monday hit Iranian military and intelligence installations near Damascus.

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A Daylight Strike, a Dangerous Reply

What the IDF struck in Syria were "time-critical targets," which means there were plans to move them to a place that would be harder for Israel to strike.

Stand For Israel

ISIS Kills American Soldiers in Syria

An Islamic State suicide bomber with an explosive vest attacked a U.S. patrol in northern Syria.

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