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Palestinian Hero and Family Granted Israeli Residency

A Palestinian who rescued Israeli children wounded in a deadly terror attack lost his job and faced death threats simply because of his selfless actions.

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Over 1,000 Holocaust Victims Buried After Mass Grave Discovered

More than 70 years after they were murdered by the Nazis, the remains of more than a thousand Jewish victims of the Holocaust have been reburied in Belarus.

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Righteous Gentiles and the Story of Purim

The biblical story of Esther, which the Jewish people celebrate today on the holiday of Purim, includes a Gentile character who did good.

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The Path to Death

We continue our look at the Volary Death March, in which over a thousand Jewish women were forced to walk hundreds of miles, with most of them dying along the way.

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The Death March to Volary

As World War II came to a close, the Nazis forced 1,300 Jewish women on a death march. Only 350 survived.

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Poet in the Woods

The National Library of Israel tells us the story of Avraham Sutzkever, who survived the Holocaust to become the Holy Land's foremost poet.

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She Sang Opera in a Concentration Camp

Writing at The Times of Israel, Annie Cohen tells of meeting a Holocaust survivor who was forced to perform as a child at the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

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The Piano Helped Her Survive the Holocaust

Nelly Ben-Or risked everything for her music during the Holocaust, and hers is a story of betrayal, hunger, self-sacrifice, and the will to live.

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Recalling the Anschluss

A 104-year-old Holocaust survivor shares his memories of Hitler's occupation of Austria, which occurred 80 years ago this month.

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At This Holocaust Museum, You Can Speak with Holograms of Survivors

Now you can interact with holographic images of Holocaust survivors, asking them personal questions about their experience during the Holocaust, at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, located north of Chicago.

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‘When I Remember, I Weep’

93-year-old Mishka Zaslavsky was the only survivor of the 1941 Odessa massacre, and is now one of too many Holocaust survivors still struggling to survive in Ukraine.

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