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Neil Diamond Rewrites ‘Sweet Caroline’ for COVID-19 Safety

Beloved Jewish singer/songwriter Neil Diamond modified one of his classic songs to fit with the current coronavirus crisis.

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Jerusalem B. Goode

Governor Mike Huckabee and Ambassador David Friedman play music for American visitors to Israel.

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10 Anti-Semitic Social Media Accounts That Need to Be Banned

The ADL has provided a list of ten people and organizations spreading anti-Jewish hatred across social media.

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Photo Friday: Standing with Israel on the Soccer Field

To commemorate the 81st anniversary of Kristallnacht, a Brazilian soccer team adorned its stadium and uniforms to stand in solidarity with the Jewish people.

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From Germany to Israel with Love

Every year, a painter named Roland travels to Israel to show Holocaust survivors that "Germans are not the same people they were 70 years ago."

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Photo Friday: Under the Umbrellas

Umbrellas adorn the streets of God's Holy City, Jerusalem.

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Pro-Israel Blogger Attacked on Temple Mount

A fan of PM Netanyahu from Saudi Arabia was heckled, spat on, and assaulted while visiting the Holy Land at the invitation of Israel's government.

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House Urges Twitter to Ban Hamas

After the American social media company blocked accounts for Hezbollah and ISIS, U.S. lawmakers are pressuring it to "stop the spread of terror" by the Gaza-based group, as well.

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Story of Holocaust Victim Aims at a New Generation

Just like Anne Frank's tragic tale told the story of the Holocaust, a fictional Instagram account of an actual young girl murdered by the Nazis is reaching today's young people.

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Terrorists Tweak Social Media Tactics

Groups like Hamas and Hezbollah have evolved so that their online content doesn't trigger counterterrorism alerts.

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Hamas Threatens Families of Captured Israelis

The terror group published a warning to "Accept our terms" via social media, threatening the families of Israelis captured in Gaza.

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Anti-Semitism Stops Broadcast on Anti-Semitism

French news had to stop a broadcast on anti-Jewish hatred because of online hatred, explaining, "The number of vile and illegal comments had gone well beyond our capacity to moderate them."

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