Dr. Saul Adler, Israeli parasitologist and expert on disease

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Dr. Adler’s Disease Expertise

Dr. Saul Adler not only studied disease - malaria and leishmaniasis - he led Israel in parasitology and helped domesticate the Syrian hamster.

Benny Gantz looks at COVID research at Israel's Institute for Biological Research

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Israeli COVID Vaccine to Begin Human Testing This Fall

A shot for the ongoing COVID-19 virus is being developed by Israel, with human testing set to begin in mid-October.

Israel’s First Female Nobel Prize Winner

Fellowship Blog

Israel’s First Female Nobel Prize Winner

Born and raised in the Holy Land, Dr. Ada Yonath overcame a childhood of poverty to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009.

Dr. Rudolf Weigl

Fellowship Blog

The Doctor Who Protected Jews from Disease and Destruction

Dr. Rudolf Weigl not only created a vaccine for typhus, he risked his life sheltering Jews during the Holocaust.

Zdenka Samish

Fellowship Blog

Feeding God’s People

Zdenka Samish revolutionized food preparation and preparation in pre-state Israel and continued her important work to help feed the modern Jewish state.

Professor Michael Fekete during Siege of Jerusalem, 1948

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A Holy Land Learner and Leader

Professor Michael Fekete was an Israeli professor and mathematician who provided learning and leadership for the Holy Land.

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