Stand For Israel

Mark Twain and the Lost Opportunity

On this date in 1905, the beloved American author born Samuel Clemens headlined an event to benefit Eastern Europe's impoverished Jews.

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The Spy Who Saved the Big Three

Joining an anti-Nazi group at the age of 16, this dearly departed Russian intelligence agent thwarted an attempt by Hitler on the lives of FDR, Stalin, and Churchill.

Stand For Israel

Israel Discovers Russian Hack of US Government

Israeli intelligence alerted their American allies of Russian hackers' theft of classified information.

Stand For Israel

Once a Prisoner in Siberia, Knesset Speaker Addresses Russia

In Hebrew, Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein asks Russian parliament for help vanquishing Islamist extremism, "the Nazism of the 21st century."

Stand For Israel

Death Toll in Russian Subway Bombing Raised to 14

14 people have died and 49 more were wounded after an explosion rocked a train in the Metro system of St. Petersburg.

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