Rocket Attacks

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Elderly Israeli Woman Dies of Wounds from Rocket Attack

74-year-old Nina Gisdenanova, seriously hurt last November when a terrorist rocket hit her apartment, has succumbed to her injuries.

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Bibi Spirited Away from Rally Due to Gaza Rockets

A campaign event for PM Netanyahu in southern Israel was interrupted by terrorist rockets from Gaza.

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Iranian Militia Fires Rockets at Israel from Syria

The IDF says the projectiles, launched around same time as an attack on terrorist group, fell short of Israeli territory.

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IDF Foils Hezbollah’s Risky Attacks

Israel has enforced its red lines on the northern border and exposed Hezbollah's guided-missile program, but strategic threats from the terror group continue.

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Hezbollah Posts Video of Rocket Attack on IDF

The terror group's footage shows explosions as its missile narrowly misses IDF vehicle.

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Rockets Fired at Israel as Tensions Soar

Multiple rockets were fired at Israel by terrorists in Gaza, injuring people, starting a fire, and disrupting weekend activities.

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IDF Dealing with Gaza Border Trauma

Young Israelis who have grown up under constant rocket fire are being found to have severe PTSD, sometimes so severe that they cannot serve in the IDF.

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Project Spotlight: Renovating and Equipping Hospitals

Recently, Fellowship President Yael Eckstein and other Israeli dignitaries attended a dedication at a Fellowship-supported hospital in Afula. The Fellowship approved a grant to fortify a floor at the HaEmek Medical Center in northern Israel, as it is one of the cities that is vulnerable to rocket and missile attacks.

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From Casualty to Commando

As a baby, S. suffered severe injuries from a rocket attack in Sderot. Today, he's joined the IDF's elite.

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A Miracle: Gaza Missile Barely Misses Israeli Students

If the rocket that hit a southern Israeli religious school had landed a few meters over or a few minutes earlier, the devastation could have been catastrophic.

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Terrorist Rocket Strikes Israeli School

In the second rocket attack from Gaza in the past day, a terrorist projectile struck and damaged a Jewish school in the southern Israeli city of Sderot.

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The Damage Done

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon hosted a U.N. delegation, and the group surveyed the damage done to southern Israel by the latest barrage of terrorist rockets.

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For One Mom, Rocket Fire Will Never Be the Norm

An Israeli mother who lives close to Israel's border with Gaza explains what life is really like for a family regularly disrupted by terror attacks.

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Same Old Anti-Israel Media Bias

After the IDF responded to this weekend's barrage of terrorist rockets from Gaza, the mainstream media once again only told one side of the story.

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Mourning the Israelis Killed This Weekend

Among the four Israelis killed by terrorists over the weekend were a worker whose factory was hit by a rocket and a man whose car was targeted by a missile.

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Bibi: Gaza Campaign Not Over, Requires Patience and Judgment

After a weekend of rocket attacks, PM Netanyahu discussed the IDF's response to the terror from Gaza.

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At Least Three Israelis Dead, Dozens Wounded After Rocket Barrage

The nonstop barrage of rockets by Hamas and Islamic Jihad has left three Israelis dead, and many more seriously injured.

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Israeli Man Killed as Rocket Hits Ashkelon Home

An Israeli man has been killed by a terrorist rocket that directly hit his home in southern Israel.

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‘I Want Them to Believe That Coexistence Is Possible’

A Fellowship staff member in Israel recalls today's rocket attacks that left him searching for safety with his family.

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Experiencing Terror

Watch this video -- a terrifying glimpse of what a family in Ashkelon went through when a rocket landed nearby as they drove. And pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and for the security of Israel and her people.

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