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Monday Devotional: Our Children, Our Future

We want our children to be interested in our story so that they will listen to it and make it their own.

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Monday Devotional: Teach Your Inner Child

No matter how old we are, the rest of our life can be the best of our life.

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Monday Devotional: Love Your Servant

How we treat others is of paramount importance to God.

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Monday Devotional: Speak to Your Heart

If we say things that are positive, praising God, being thankful for what have, and affirming life all that positive energy returns to our soul.

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Monday Devotional: The “Fingerprints” of God

Even though it may not be evident to us, God is quietly at work in our world.

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Monday Devotional: Life Can Be Amazing

Having an amazing life is really quite simple — rejoice in what you have and never mind what you don't.

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Monday Devotional: Be Good to Your Family

The occasional disagreements or fallouts are nothing compared to the support, love, and lifelong companionship that family has to offer.

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Keeping the Candle Burning

The Times of Israel reports on Yael Eckstein's path to carrying on her father Rabbi Eckstein's vision and mission with The Fellowship.

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Monday Devotional: Like a Father

When God looks at His children He sees the whole picture, and so He judges them favorably and has deep compassion for them.

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Shiva +1

George Mamo, The Fellowship's Executive Vice President and Global Chief Operating Officer who worked with Rabbi Eckstein for 20 years, sent us this message from Israel.

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Remembering a True Cornerstone

Memories and tributes have been pouring in from around the globe from the countless people whose lives were touched by Rabbi Eckstein. One recent article in the Jerusalem Post offers a firsthand memory of one of the Rabbi's last public appearances on behalf of The Fellowship.

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Thirty Days and One Year

After the period of shiva ends, the Jewish mourners enter a new stage, known as shloshim, the remainder of a 30-day period that begins at burial.

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