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Project Spotlight: Emergency Deliveries for Passover

Just before Passover, we’ve mobilized our staff and volunteers to provide emergency deliveries of food boxes to the most vulnerable – Holocaust survivors and elderly.

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Project Spotlight: Supporting Israel’s Soldiers During Coronavirus

We are providing Israel's soldiers with snacks and other care items, helping them stay strong and healthy during this difficult period.

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Project Spotlight: Helping Elderly and Holocaust Survivors in Israel Cope with Coronavirus

Right now, The Fellowship is on the ground in Israel helping the most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic, which is sweeping across the globe just as the Jewish people prepare to celebrate Passover.

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Project Spotlight: Fellowship-Supported Bat Melech Women’s Shelter

Women matter in Israel ... and to The Fellowship. And Fellowship-supported Bat Melech is just one way we show women that we care.

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Project Spotlight: Helping Children at World ORT Schools

World ORT, a group of Fellowship-funded Jewish schools throughout the former Soviet Union, help the Jewish community there thrive.

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Project Spotlight: Alumim Children’s Home

Jewish children in Ukraine who have lost their parents or who come from poor or troubled families find much-needed love and stability at Fellowship-supported Alumim Children’s Home.

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Project Spotlight: ELEM Homeless Shelter

This is a place where young homeless people can take a hot shower, do some laundry, or receive clothing that’s been donated to the shelter.

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Project Spotlight: Yad LaKashish

Fellowship-supported Yad LaKashish (which means “lifeline for the elderly”) provides an opportunity for needy elderly to work and retain their dignity during their final years.

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Project Spotlight: Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Memorial Freedom Flight

February marks one year since the passing of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, one of Israel’s greatest advocates. Today, it is up to us to continue Rabbi Eckstein's prophetic work.

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Project Spotlight: Hesed Homecare Workers

Hesed means lovingkindness in Hebrew, and that’s exactly what Hesed homecare workers provide when they visit elderly shut-ins who need help with daily tasks as well as caring companionship.

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Project Spotlight: Strengthening Israel’s Soldiers

Thanks to our wonderful donors who continue to support Israel’s soldiers, they are provided much needed moral support and assistance.

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Project Spotlight: Helping the Impoverished

About 20 percent of Israelis live below the poverty line.

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