Prime Ministers, Presidents, and sons of Presidents, David Ben-Gurion, FDR Jr., and JFK in Israel, 1951

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Photo Friday: Lead This People

To celebrate Presidents' Day, coming up on Monday in the U.S., we share this photo taken in 1951 in Israel, when a young JFK and the son of FDR visited David Ben-Gurion.

Official presidential portait of Thomas Jefferson, 1800

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Thomas Jefferson: Friend of the Jewish People

A letter from President Thomas Jefferson to an important Jewish-American is a priceless artifact of American religious tolerance.

Harry Truman, Abba Eban, and David Ben-Gurion, 1951

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Photo Friday: A Presidential Friend of Israel

President Harry Truman defied bad advice from those around him to take a stand for the creation of the modern state of Israel

President Martin Van Buren

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The Damascus Affair

The eighth president of the United States stood up for persecuted Jews overseas.

President Grover Cleveland first inauguration, 1885

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‘I Have Tried So Hard to Do Right’

Grover Cleveland was not just the only American president to be elected to non-consecutive terms; he was also a friend of the Jewish people.

President James Garfield

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‘Before Us Is the Land of Promise’

President James Garfield, who was assassinated on July 2, 1881, was also a war hero and congressman who likened the freeing of the slaves to God's mighty hand helping the Jewish people escape Egypt.

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