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Haley: Trump’s Peace Plan Puts Israel’s Security First

In an exclusive interview on the upcoming "Deal of the Century," Nikki Haley slams the Palestinians for not coming to the table when it comes to peace, while noting that "Israel should not be worried."

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Peace Plan Won’t Compromise Israel’s Security

American envoy Jason Greenblatt doubled down on U.S. concerns for Israeli safety, and noted that Palestinian leadership's boycotting of the peace plan hurts everyday Palestinians.

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The Failure of Palestinian Nationalism

As the popularity of the Palestinian cause continues to decline, it's apparent that Palestinian nationalism has failed.

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Trump to Introduce Peace Plan at UN

The President will unveil what he calls the "deal of the century" next month at the United Nations.

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Pence: Peace Depends on Palestinians

While the Palestinians have expressed outrage over the Trump administration's recognition of Jerusalem, Vice President Pence says that peace depends on their return to the table.

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How BDS Enables a Failed Peace Process and Vice Versa

Writing at JNS, Andrew Lappin calls out the BDS movement for being anti-Semitic, and says it's time for governments to stop putting faith in a bankrupt, failed "peace process."

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As Diplomats Powwow in Paris, PM Pans ‘Pointless’ Peace Parley

Bibi says that today's Paris peace conference is pushing a framework that will harm Israel.

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