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The Common Bonds Between Jews and Christians

Dr. Jeffrey D. Johnson, a professor, Baptist minister, and author, reflects on the deep and profound connections between Christianity and Judaism.

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The Rabbi Recommends: Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor

Rabbi Eckstein discusses a wonderful new book by friend and Israeli author Yossi Klein Halevi.

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Prince William to Travel to Israel in Historic Royal Family Visit

Israel will welcome Prince William this summer on a historic royal visit to the Holy Land. 

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A Guiding Light for a Community in Need

This Hanukkah, The Fellowship and our faithful friends helped foster a miracle of hope in Israel's Ethiopian Jewish community.

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Spreading Hanukkah’s Miracle of Light

The JDC, The Fellowship's partner in the former Soviet Union, is helping restore dignity and hope to elderly and impoverished Jews during this season of light.

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In Memoriam: David Mainse

We wanted to share with you Rabbi Eckstein's tribute to his friend, Rev. David Mainse, a longtime supporter of The Fellowship who passed away this morning. Please pray for the Mainse family as they grieve their loss.

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You Made Her Feel Like a Real Person

An Israeli social worker shares a letter of thanks from an impoverished couple who received a refrigerator thanks to The Fellowship's generous supporters.

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The Miracle of Israel’s Christian Friends

A Fellowship writer in the Holy Land rejoices at the Christian friends he recently made, as well as the biblical prophecy he sees taking place in the modern state of Israel.

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Building Bridges in Response to Hatred

Please join us in condemning the latest wave of anti-Semitic attacks nationwide and help us build bridges in response to hatred by signing our petition of support now.

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Kim Clement – 1956-2016

Kim Clement - a true friend of Israel, the Jewish people, and The Fellowship - passed away this morning.

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Polish Students Fulfill Their Promise to a Holocaust Survivor

When 77-year-old Holocaust survivor, Anya, was asked to share her survival story with a group of Polish students, she couldn't believe the outpouring of love and support she received. Inspired by Anya's talk, the students cleaned up the overgrown and neglected cemetery in Anya's hometown in Poland where her family was buried – which was a beautiful way to show their support.

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