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Abbas: PA No Longer Bound by Accords with Israel and US

The Palestinian chief announced he is terminating all agreements with Israel and America and that Israel is now responsible for the Palestinian civilian population.

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At 85, Abbas Won’t Run for Reelection

Mahmoud Abbas, soon to turn 85, will not be the Fatah terrorist group's candidate in the next Palestinian elections.

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Terrorist Murderers Paid Millions

Seventeen years after a deadly terror attack on a Jerusalem cafeteria that targeted innocent students, the terrorists behind the murders have been paid millions.

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PA Liable for Second Intifada Terror Attacks

A Jerusalem court has ruled in favor of eight families of terror victims, placing responsibility for terror attacks on the Palestinian Authority.

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Palestinian Authority Planning ‘Popular Uprising’

As the U.S. is set to introduce a plan that the Palestinians don't like, they instead plan to use violence that will, as usual, be directed at Israel.

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How Palestinian Leaders Butcher the Truth

Palestinian leaders are only concerned with the shooting of a terrorist, but not the two Jews he stabbed, whose blood is on their hands.

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Palestinian Persecution of Christians Must Stop

The world's ongoing neglect of Christians under Palestinian Authority rule could very well lead to the disappearance of Christianity in the land of its birth.

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How Palestinian Leaders Encourage Terrorism

The message being sent to the Palestinians by their leadership is that the well-being of terrorists is more important than that of hard-working people.

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‘Without Jerusalem, There Is Nothing to Talk About’

The Palestinian Authority has slammed the upcoming American peace plan, while also promising to continue paying terrorists.

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PA and Hamas Target Students

While the world's "pro-Palestinian" students blame Israel for Palestinian woes, Hamas and the P.A. are busy beating up their own students.

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PA Celebrates Female Terrorists on International Women’s Day

The Palestinian group says of the women who have taken part in their "battle" against Israel: "We've had female martyrs, wounded, and prisoners."

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