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Harpo in the Holy Land

Harpo Marx, the iconic Jewish-American comedian left one of his most iconic props - his beloved harp - to the nation of his people, Israel.

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Neil Diamond Rewrites ‘Sweet Caroline’ for COVID-19 Safety

Beloved Jewish singer/songwriter Neil Diamond modified one of his classic songs to fit with the current coronavirus crisis.

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Jerusalem B. Goode

Governor Mike Huckabee and Ambassador David Friedman play music for American visitors to Israel.

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The Voice of Israel

Considered the greatest and most influential Israeli singer of all time, Arik Einstein was the most popular musical artist in the Jewish state's history.

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Ocho Kandelas Para Mi

"Ocho Kandelikas" is a festive Hanukkah song in the language of Ladino, the Spanish equivalent of Yiddish.

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The Wheat Grows Again

Kibbutz Beit HaShita was named for a biblical town which saw a famous battle, and is remembered for losing the most men during the Yom Kippur War.

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A Holy Land Prodigy

Daniel Barenboim grew up from being an Israeli musical wunderkind to one of the most respected musicians and conductors in the world of classical music.

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The Day He Gave Israel His Heart

Fifty years ago, Zubin Mehta arrived in Israel to comfort the war-torn Holy Land, and then stayed for half a century.

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‘Light a Candle’

Sarit Hadad is an Israeli singer who represented the Jewish state in the 2002 Eurovision contest and was named Israel's "best female singer of the 2000s."

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Hello, Is It Israel You’re Looking For?

Iconic American musician Lionel Richie is the latest entertainer who hasn't caved to pressure from the anti-Israel BDS crowd.

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Saying Goodbye to Israel’s Musical Best Friend

After fifty years of service to the Jewish state and her people, famed conductor of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Zubin Mehta, is at last retiring.

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