Miriam Lock

A Yom Kippur Like No Other

Fellowship Blog

A Yom Kippur Like No Other

Miriam Lock, a staff member in The Fellowship’s Jerusalem office, shares her reflections on observing Yom Kippur, past and present.

Rabbis pray for holiday at Western Wall during coronavirus pandemic, 2020

Fellowship Blog

From Purim to Shavuot — In and Out of the Coronavirus Lockdown

A Fellowship staff member in Israel prays that the anniversary of God giving His Word will also be a day when we can celebrate our good health and the health of people around the world.

Elderly Jewish couple praying

Fellowship Blog

The Blessings of Front Yard Prayers

A Fellowship staff member in Jerusalem writes about the positive things she's witnessed during the coronavirus crisis.

A woman and boy wearing masks and gloves to protect from Coronavirus in Israel

Stand For Israel

A Different Kind of Passover

While this year's "holiday of freedom" will be different, a Fellowship staffer in Israel writes about the freedoms we do have.

Rain clouds over Sea of Galilee

Fellowship Blog

A Rainy Day in Israel

A staff member from the Fellowship's Jerusalem office talks about how important rain is to the Holy Land.

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