Uzi Gal, Inventor of the Uzi submachine gun

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The Inventor of the Uzi

Uziel Gal was an Israeli gun designer, best remembered as the inventor and namesake of the Uzi submachine gun.

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Photo Friday: They Will Soar on Wings Like Eagles

Israeli F-4 Phantom fighter jets fly of the IAF fly over Jerusalem's Old City in 1971.

Ilan Ramon, Israeli fighter pilot and astronaut

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Ilan Ramon – Truly Living in Space

Ilan Ramon was an Israeli fighter pilot and the first (and only) astronaut from Israel, losing his life in the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 1922

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Arlington National Cemetery – Faithful American Heroes’ Resting Place

On this day in 1864, Arlington National Cemetery was officially opened as a resting place for America's veterans, whatever their faith.


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Palmach: The Birth of Israel’s Elite Fighting Force

Formed as the fighting force of the Haganah (the precursor to the IDF), the Palmach defended pre-state Israelis and many of its members served Israel once she won her independence.

IAF flight school graduation

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Realizing a Dream

A newly graduated IAF navigator tells of his unlikely journey to the Israeli Air Force.

War of Attrition, Sinai, 1969

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Forgotten Pictures from a Forgotten War

Israel's longest and least-known war cost 1,000 lives and is only now being remembered on its 50th anniversary.

Israeli pilot twins with their grandfather

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Israeli Twins Get Their Air Force Wings

Two brothers — identical twins who've been inseparable since their birth on an Israeli kibbutz — will now, together, defend the skies over the Holy Land.

IAF, US, and UK F-35s

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Allies in the Skies

This week, stealth fighter jets from the IAF, US Air Force, and Royal Air Force practiced over the Mediterranean in order to test and improve this amazing allied technology.

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