Middle East Unrest

IDF soldier looks into Syria from Golan Heights

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Israel Fights for Release of Israeli Woman Held in Syria

The Jewish state is negotiating with the government of neighboring Syria for the release of a young Israeli woman who entered the country accidentally.

Turkey dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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Turkey an Increasing Threat to Israel

The Jerusalem Post looks at how Turkish dictator Erdogan and his nation are truly a threat to Israel

Iranian missile launched at US base in Iraq, January 2020

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Between Iraq and a Hard Place

The U.S. and Israel have responded after Iranian missiles struck American bases in Iraq.

Lebanese soldiers

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A Wrench in Hezbollah and Iran’s Plans

Mass protests in Israel's neighbor Lebanon have thrown Iran and its terrorist proxies off-balance.

Turkish soldier

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What Developments in Syria Mean for Israel

While there will be many consequences of the events going in the Middle East concerning Turkey and Syria, one thing is clear — it will not harm U.S.-Israeli relations.

Saudi oil facility

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Iran Attacks Saudi Oil Plants with Drones, Cruise Missiles

The U.S. says that a dozen cruise missiles and 20 drones at two Saudi oil facilities, and that America is "locked and loaded," ready to respond.

Rabbi Eckstein with persecuted Christians

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Latest UN Horror Show: Christian Refugees Ignored

Last year, The Fellowship began providing aid for the thousands of displaced Christians in the Middle East, but this persecuted minority continues to be ignored by the world.

Soldiers at a Baghdad church for Christmas service

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Will Mideast Christians Share the Fate of the Region’s Jews?

Looking at the historical persecution of Jews and how it is similar to the rise of the same against Middle East Christians.

PM Netanyahu with Israel Hayom editor-in-chief

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Bibi: If Israel Wasn’t Here, Middle East Would Collapse

PM Netanyahu says that Israel ensures the region stays pro-Western and pro-American.

Iran nuclear plant

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Iran Violates Nuclear Deal

The Islamic Republic has now exceeded the amount of enriched uranium which it was prohibited from having.

PM Netanyahu

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A Steadfast Alliance

PM Netanyahu writes that a strong Israel not only maintains the safety and security of the Middle East, but is essential to her friend, the United States.

Tanker attacked by Iran

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America’s Covert War on Iran

U.S. intelligence and military are finding new means to thwart Iranian aggression, avoiding all-out war by focusing on undermining and disarming the regime.

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