Dr. Saul Adler, Israeli parasitologist and expert on disease

Stand For Israel

Dr. Adler’s Disease Expertise

Dr. Saul Adler not only studied disease - malaria and leishmaniasis - he led Israel in parasitology and helped domesticate the Syrian hamster.

Doctor Janusz Korczak and children

Stand For Israel

The Doctor and His Children

A pediatrician and a children's author, Janusz Korczak also ran a Polish home for Jewish children, and stayed with these youngsters all the way to Treblinka extermination camp.

Dr. Rudolf Weigl

Fellowship Blog

The Doctor Who Protected Jews from Disease and Destruction

Dr. Rudolf Weigl not only created a vaccine for typhus, he risked his life sheltering Jews during the Holocaust.

Liberated children of Buchenwald being treated

Stand For Israel

5 Healers of the Holocaust

These doctors and nurses were more than just healthcare workers — they were lifesaving heroes to countless Jews during the Holocaust.

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