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Israel Trolls BDS

Anti-Israel internet users looking to boycott Eurovision, being held in the Holy Land this week, were surprised to land on a website showing how beautiful, diverse, and sensational Israel really is.

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Israel’s Info War as Important as Military War

Just as effective as actual strikes has been Israel's information campaign to alert the media to terrorist activities against the Jewish state and her people.

Stand For Israel

All the Anti-Semitism That’s Fit to Print

After the New York Times' latest anti-Semitic cartoon, Alan Dershowitz wonders what the reaction if the target of hatred had been any other group than Jews.

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A Reporter on the Border

During a live report from the Gaza border, Fox News' Trey Yingst was told to leave by the IDF due to terrorists throwing grenades and explosives.

Stand For Israel

Good Evening, Israel

The Israeli director who won an Oscar mentioned his grandparents who survived the Holocaust in his acceptance speech.

Stand For Israel

A Long Night on the Gaza Border

A Jerusalem Post reporter spent an uncertain night on Israel's southern border as rockets fell, sirens sounded, and the IDF responded.

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Times of Israel Hacked on Balfour Centennial

Israeli newspaper's website is hacked by Turkish Islamist group on 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

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How Palestinians Intimidate Journalists

Because the Palestinian Authority censors and threatens journalists into not telling the truth, the truth never reaches Western media, coloring what the rest of the world knows about Israel's conflict with the Palestinians.

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