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Dozens of E-Scooters to Be Scattered Around Jerusalem

A pilot program for e-scooters in Jerusalem will give commuters a new way to get places faster.

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No Such Thing as Returning to ‘Normal’

Writing at the Times of Israel, Jacob Magid explains what it’s like to live on a kibbutz (farming community) near the Gaza border after the latest rocket attack in Israel earlier this week.

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Fellowship Supporters Provide Protective Vests to Israel’s First Response Volunteers

After hundreds of rockets were fired at Israel, a ceasefire has been reached. We are so thankful Fellowship supporters came to Israel’s aid when she needed it most.

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‘In Israel, I Feel Like I’m Treated Equally’

A trusted Fellowship partner shares his personal story of making aliyah (immigrating to Israel) and the freedom he experiences in the Holy Land.

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14 Fun Facts About the Holiday Season in Israel

As the High Holy Days continue, Israel21c shares some fun facts about what makes this time of year so special for Jews around the world.

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Old City Sites, Lanes Now Accessible for Travelers in Wheelchairs

Now tourists who are disabled have better access to many of Jerusalem’s popular sites after a 9-year renovation project reports the Times of Israel.

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Where to Purchase Amazing Original Artwork in Israel

Our friends at ISRAEL21c share where to find unique Israeli artwork during your next trip to the Holy Land!

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Project Spotlight: The Fellowship Responds to Heatwave in Israel

In an effort to protect The Fellowship’s elderly With Dignity and Fellowship beneficiaries without air-conditioning, Fellowship volunteers have distributed fans and water to these vulnerable people.

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Holocaust Survivor Marks 104th Birthday at Western Wall with 400 Descendants

Auschwitz survivor, Shoshanna, celebrates her 104th birthday at the Western Wall with her whole family.

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Let’s Make Israeli Halva!

Watch now to learn how to make delicious Israeli halva!

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8 Cool Photos that Show How Israelis Keep Calm in the Heat

ISRAEL21c shares some Israeli summertime photos. Check them out now!

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Walk the Pilgrim’s Road that Led to the Jewish Temple 2,000 Years Ago

After the excavation of the ancient Pilgrim's Road in Jerusalem, you can walk all the way from the Pool of Siloam all the way up to the Western Wall for the first time in 2,000 years. In ancient times, it is believed that Jesus would have walked this path up to the Temple.

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A Dream Come True

An IDF soldier whose Muslim parents moved to Israel from Gaza is being commended for excellence because of his devotion to his homeland, the Jewish state.

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A Sacrifice Impossible to Overlook

The Fellowship's Ami Farkas reflects on the awareness every Israeli has of the personal loss that was made for their country.

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Biblical Site Draws Christians and Controversy

A West Bank site, cared for by Israeli settlers and flocked to by evangelicals, is being criticized by those who stand against Christians and Jews.

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A Holocaust Survivor’s Champion

Three young punks who robbed an elderly Holocaust survivor surely didn't think that a world-class boxer would come to her aid.

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The Stories Behind Israel’s National Parks

Learn the fascinating stories behind some of the Holy Lands most beloved and beautiful natural wonders.

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Shabbat Is Here!

A Sabbath dinner spent with Christian friends highlights the strong bond between our two faiths.

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Poet in the Woods

The National Library of Israel tells us the story of Avraham Sutzkever, who survived the Holocaust to become the Holy Land's foremost poet.

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12 Top Food Kiosks in Tel Aviv

While they may be small, their taste is mighty! Our friends at ISRAEL21c tell us that Tel Aviv's food stands serve some of the Holy Land's best dishes.

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Israeli Couple Stumbles on 1,700-Year-Old Stone Busts

Last month, a couple from Beit She'an, an Israeli city about 20 miles south of the Sea of Galilee, was simply out for a walk. It was just an ordinary evening walk, but Beit She'an is no ordinary city.

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