Hezbollah missile factory

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IDF Foils Hezbollah’s Risky Attacks

Israel has enforced its red lines on the northern border and exposed Hezbollah's guided-missile program, but strategic threats from the terror group continue.

strikes on Iranian terrorists

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Winning Against Iran…For Now

Israel's recent preemptive strike on Iranian terrorists in Syria was a great success, sending Iran the message that Israel will always uncover its terrorist plots.

Killer drone footage taken by IDF

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Israel’s Campaign to Disrupt Iran’s War Machine

The “deep struggle” underway over Iran’s efforts to entrench itself in Syria led Israel to publicize its latest strike against a terrorist kamikaze drone.

PM Netanyahu

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Bibi: Israel Preparing a Forceful Strike Against Hamas

PM Netanyahu says he is readying a "massive campaign" against the terror organization, and that Iran is "not immune" from Israeli action.

Palestinian boy starts fire in West Bank

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Hamas Playing with Fire on Two Fronts

While the terror group still rules the Gaza Strip, its latest efforts have been to fan the flames of violence in the West Bank.

Exodus 1947

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Forgotten Heroes: The Jewish Resistance and Exodus 1947

Learn the long-overlooked story of a major contribution to the creation of the modern state of Israel.

Palestinian children trained to kill at a Hamas summer camp

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Hamas Summer Camp — A Time for Fun?

The father of a young Israeli victim of terror expresses outrage at the culture of death promoted by Palestinian terror groups.

Palestinian rescuer congratulated

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Palestinian Hero and Family Granted Israeli Residency

A Palestinian who rescued Israeli children wounded in a deadly terror attack lost his job and faced death threats simply because of his selfless actions.

Tel Aviv City Hall Lit Up with American Flag

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Israel Offers Condolences After Texas, Ohio Shootings

After two mass shooting attacks in the U.S. left 29 dead, PM Netanyahu sent "condolences to the bereaved families, best wishes for recovery to the injured, and solidarity with the American people."

Zubin Mehta

Fellowship Blog

Saying Goodbye to Israel’s Musical Best Friend

After fifty years of service to the Jewish state and her people, famed conductor of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Zubin Mehta, is at last retiring.

Soldiers at a Baghdad church for Christmas service

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Will Mideast Christians Share the Fate of the Region’s Jews?

Looking at the historical persecution of Jews and how it is similar to the rise of the same against Middle East Christians.

IAF flight school graduation

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Realizing a Dream

A newly graduated IAF navigator tells of his unlikely journey to the Israeli Air Force.

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