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Dozens of E-Scooters to Be Scattered Around Jerusalem

A pilot program for e-scooters in Jerusalem will give commuters a new way to get places faster.

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Photo Friday: Stronger Than Lions

The "Lions of the Jewish Quarter" greet visitors to Jerusalem's Old City.

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The Last Rabbi of Timbuktu

A Moroccan Jew who traveled to the Holy Land to study, Rabbi Mordechai spent much of the 19th century traveling and serving such far-flung lands as Syria, Algeria, Mali, and the Sahara.

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Old City Sites, Lanes Now Accessible for Travelers in Wheelchairs

Now tourists who are disabled have better access to many of Jerusalem’s popular sites after a 9-year renovation project reports the Times of Israel.

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Record Number of Jews Visit Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av

Despite rioting by Palestinians, 1,700 Jews were able to observe day of mourning at the holy site.

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The Pain of a Child’s Murder

Eighteen years ago, a terrorist suicide bomber killed 15 and wounded 130 in a Jerusalem pizzeria. The mother of one of the victims writes of her burden of grief and injustice.

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Terrorist Murderers Paid Millions

Seventeen years after a deadly terror attack on a Jerusalem cafeteria that targeted innocent students, the terrorists behind the murders have been paid millions.

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Photo Friday: Under the Umbrellas

Umbrellas adorn the streets of God's Holy City, Jerusalem.

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The Truth About Jerusalem’s City of David

As the Palestinians try to rewrite the history of Israel's capital, the City of David continues to provide the truth of the Jewish people’s ties to the Holy City.

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Walk the Pilgrim’s Road that Led to the Jewish Temple 2,000 Years Ago

After the excavation of the ancient Pilgrim's Road in Jerusalem, you can walk all the way from the Pool of Siloam all the way up to the Western Wall for the first time in 2,000 years. In ancient times, it is believed that Jesus would have walked this path up to the Temple.

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PA Liable for Second Intifada Terror Attacks

A Jerusalem court has ruled in favor of eight families of terror victims, placing responsibility for terror attacks on the Palestinian Authority.

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How Palestinian Leaders Butcher the Truth

Palestinian leaders are only concerned with the shooting of a terrorist, but not the two Jews he stabbed, whose blood is on their hands.

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Photo Friday: Impress Them on Your Children

God's children — the people of Israel — recently celebrated Jerusalem Day. Surely, Israel continues to teach their children to love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, and strength!

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Jerusalem Day

As Israel gets set to commemorate the Holy City's miraculous reunification, Stand for Israel shares about this special day, including Rabbi Eckstein's final message on Yom Yerushalayim.

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Two Hurt in Old City Stabbing Attack

A terrorist in Jerusalem stabbed two people, injuring one of them seriously, before being neutralized by Israeli police.

Yael's Holy Land Reflections

Jerusalem — My Highest Joy

On Jerusalem Day, we give thanks to God for the miraculous reunification of His Holy City. But every morning we still pray for the full restoration of Jerusalem with the Third Temple and God’s presence in our midst.

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Christian TV HQ in Jerusalem Destroyed by Firebomb

Our friends at the Daystar Television Network in Jerusalem lost their studio over the weekend after it was the target of an arson attack.

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Not a War Crime

The Western Wall is lawfully part of the Jewish state, and declaring it to be illegally occupied is akin to doing so to any other holy site where worshipers pray.

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A Particularly Happy Anniversary

One year ago, Israel's greatest ally sent a loud and clear message to enemies of freedom and democracy by moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.

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US Warns of Terror Attacks on Anniversary of Embassy Move

Americans in Jerusalem have been advised to be alert ahead of Palestinian demonstrations amid celebrations one year after embassy move.

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Easter & Good Friday in Jerusalem

Thousands of Christians celebrated the holy season in the Holy City.

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