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Runners by Knesset Menorah

Stand For Israel

Bringing Jerusalem to Runners (and Walkers) Around the World

If you're a runner (or a walker) and you stand for Israel, you'll be happy to know that our favorite jogging tour guides are still taking us around the Holy Land.

London Bus

Stand For Israel

Holocaust Survivor and Her Rabbi Son Attacked on London Bus

In the latest anti-Semitic event, an 80-year-old survivor of the Holocaust and her rabbi son were assaulted - because of their faith - on a London bus.

400 descendants of Holocaust survivor Shoshana Ovitz at Western Wall in 2019

Fellowship Blog

Holocaust Survivor with 400 Descendants Passes Away at 105

The 400 descendants that came together in 2019 to celebrate Shoshana Ovitz's life now mourn the 105-year-old Holocaust survivor's passing.

Ben Gurion Airport closed, January 2021

Stand For Israel

Israel Halts Air Traffic Due to COVID Spike

Israel has closed Ben Gurion airport to all incoming and outgoing flights, including the unprecedented temporary halt to all aliyah (immigration) flights.

Elderly Holocaust survivor tattoo on arm

Stand For Israel

900 Holocaust Survivors Died of COVID in Israel in 2020

Of 179,600 Holocaust survivors living in Israel, 5,300 became infected with the coronavirus last year, with 900 dying.

American flag lights up city hall in Tel Aviv, Israel on January 7, 2021

Stand For Israel

Israel Stands for America

After rioters invaded the U.S. Capitol, America's greatest ally - Israel - is lighting up in solidarity with her American friends.

Deni Avdija

Stand For Israel

Israeli Basketball Phenom Deni Avdija Heads to NBA

Selected ninth in the NBA Draft, Israeli basketball star Deni Avdija will play hoops for the Washington Wizards.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Fellowship Blog

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, May His Memory Be a Blessing

The former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, known for his faith and wisdom, passed away after a battle with cancer.

Nice church in France, scene of terrorist stabbing, October 29, 2020

Stand For Israel

Nice Church Attack Leaves Three Dead

A terrorist in a Nice church stabbed and murdered three worshipers. Please pray for the loved ones of those killed, and for the safety of all people of faith.

Trump announces Israel peace deal with Sudan, October 23, 2020

Stand For Israel

US: Sudan Third Arab Nation to Normalize Ties with Israel

American decision to remove Sudan from terror list paves way for third Arab peace deal with the Jewish state.

Bess Myerson - Jewish Miss America

Stand For Israel

Bess Myerson – Jewish Miss America

Bess Myerson overcame anti-Semitism to win the Miss America pageant as World War II ended and the horrors of the Holocaust were being revealed.

Boxers Jimmy Welsh and Benny Leonard

Stand For Israel

The Jewish Boxers Who Helped FBI Fight the Nazis

An upcoming novel tells the true story of how the FBI recruited Jewish boxers in America to fight the Nazi scourge during World War II.

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