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The Return of Avraham Sutzkever

Avraham Sutzkever has been called "the greatest Yiddish poet who ever lived," but was also a hero of the Holocaust who then made aliyah (immigrated to Israel).

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A Hero of Israel

Avraham Avigdorov was an IDF soldier whose bravery during Israel's War of Independence earned him the highest Israeli military decoration.

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The Most Highly Decorated Soldier in Israeli History

Ehud Barak is an Israeli general and politician who served as Prime Minister, as well as Minister of Defense and IDF Chief of Staff.

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Israel’s Ace of Aces

Credited with 17 victories during both the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War, Brigadier General Giora "Hawkeye" Even served Israel from the air.

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A Fallen Friend, a Holocaust Survivor, a Fighter for Israel

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visited the grave of Zvi "Freddy" Gross, a family friend from his childhood who died fighting for Israel's independence.

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‘Jerusalem Is the Venice of God’

Yehuda Amichai was an Israeli poet who was considered Israel's greatest writer of modern poetry.

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The Soul of Israeli Soccer

One of Israel's greatest soccer players ever, Avi Nimni had his number 8 retired by his longtime team.

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Holy Land Viola

Rivka Golani is an Israeli violist who has played with orchestras around the world, is a renowned music teacher, and has been named one of the most important instrumentalists playing today.

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The First Israeli Woman Nobel Prize Winner

Ada Yonath is an Israeli scientist best known for her work on the ribosome, for which she won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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‘Our Place Is Here’

Yigal Allon served Israel for decades, as a Palmach commander, IDF general, Knesset member, and acting Prime Minister.

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A Cherished Storyteller

Mirik Snir is a beloved Israeli children's book author and special education teacher.

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A Beautiful Israeli Mind

Martin Buber was an Israeli philosopher known for his essay I and Thou, translating the Hebrew Bible into German, and being nominated many times for the Noble Prize.

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