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Celebrating a Decade of Life-Changing Israeli Inventions

From helping those with paralysis to walk to printing a 3D heart, Israeli innovators have made some amazing strides in innovation over the last decade.

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24 Israeli Breakthroughs of 2019

The Fellowship wishes you a happy New Year! Take a look at the many accomplishments, discoveries, and innovative thinking by Israeli innovators in 2019.

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Doctors Perform Historic Surgery With Aid of Virtual Reality

Israel21c shares more about how the virtual reality system used by Israeli fighter pilots is now helping neurosurgeons practice challenging procedures to help them have a better chance at success.

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9 Israeli Inventions Find Place in TIME Magazine’s 100 Best Inventions for 2019

For a country with a relatively tiny population and size, Israel has produced huge advances in medicine, industry, agriculture, technology, and science that have saved lives, expanded knowledge, and broadened horizons around the world.

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With Smart Hydrants, Israel Shows off Its Water Tech

A new smart device by HydrantTech makes sure every drop of water counts reports the Times of Israel.

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Dozens of E-Scooters to Be Scattered Around Jerusalem

A pilot program for e-scooters in Jerusalem will give commuters a new way to get places faster.

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Cutting-Edge Rehab Center Takes Root in Negev Desert Oasis for the Disabled

Residents of southern Israel must head north to get to the nearest hospital. But now a new rehabilitation hospital is opening in southern Israel, ensuring those suffering from accidents, injuries, and terror attacks have care.


Startup Says Its Blood Test Can Detect Early-Stage Lung Cancer

An Israeli startup may have a promising start in using a blood test to discover early signs of lung cancer reports the Times of Israel.

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Researchers May Have Found Way to Block Melanoma Spread to Brain

Researchers at Tel Aviv University say they've discovered the pathway that causes melanoma to spread to the brain, and they think they can stop it.

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Israeli Researchers Produce Sustainable Bioplastics With Algae

Now, Israeli researchers are working on a way to use seawater algae to make biodegradable plastics reports NoCamels, helping to combat harmful plastic waste in our oceans.

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Israeli Researchers Develop MRI Technique to Detect Molecular Changes in Brain

Israeli innovators at Hebrew University of Jerusalem might have discovered a way to detect Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases earlier reports the Times of Israel.

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Revolutionary Patch Keeps Brain Safe after Cranial Surgery

Israeli Startup Nurami Medical is developing a bandage that acts like the brain’s protective membrane and will protect against infection reports Israel21c.

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Orthodox Female Students Develop Wireless Oxygen Monitor

This year, at the annual Jerusalem College of Technology’s hackathon, the winning team developed a wireless oxygen monitor for infants.

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6 Fabulous Products to Keep You Safe this Summer

Israeli innovations can help you play it safe this summer!

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Technion Team Develops Medical Glue to Replace Stitches in Serious Injuries

Israeli researchers developed a nontoxic glue to put the human body back together after serious injuries both externally and internally reports the Times of Israel.

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New Handheld Sensor Alerts People to Allergens in Food

Israel21c reports that a new handheld sensor designed by Israeli innovators can help people with food allergies by detecting the common allergens from a small food sample.

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9 Emerging Devices that Will Disrupt Health Care

Writers at Israel21c report that the latest annual MIXiii-Biomed Conference and Exhibition in Tel Aviv will reveal the newest technologies that could “disrupt the healthcare field.”

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Technion Inaugurates 3D Printing Center For Living Cells

Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology open a center for the printing of living cells, which will be open to all Technion scientists and researchers reports NoCamels.

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Israeli Startup Uses Ultrasound Waves to Reduce Parkinson’s Tremors

An Israeli startup, Insightec, says they have discovered a way to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s tremors in a way that is safe and effective reports the Times of Israel.

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Israel Fast Becoming World Hub of Aging Industry

Israel21c reports that a study by London-based Aging Analytics Agency says that Israel is a global leader on healthy aging research.

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Bacteria-Hunting Kit Aims to Spot Food Hazards Earlier

Millions of people get sick from food-borne illnesses per year in the U.S., but an Israeli startup is trying to change this reality.

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