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From Ocean Waves to Electricity

After miraculously surviving the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion at only two weeks old after breathing in radioactive dust, Inna Braverman knew she wanted to devote her life to creating a safe, sustainable way of producing energy.

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30 Israeli Medical Tech Solutions to Fight Coronavirus

The startup nation keeps conducting research and adapting new technologies that will hopefully help treat coronavirus patients and help lessen the burden on the healthcare community.

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8 Israeli Technologies to Keep Your Kids Sane While School’s Out

School’s out for the pandemic. Thankfully, Israeli technology can help parents keep their kids occupied and learning!

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Startup Israel Tackles Coronavirus

Learn how the startup nation is tackling the coronavirus health crisis with smart innovations.

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Israeli MDs Give Free Counseling to Coronavirus Patients Worldwide

We are so proud of the 100 volunteer Israeli physicians who are participating in interactive video broadcasts to help isolated coronavirus patients all over the world.

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Israeli Device Could Help Treat Coronavirus Patients in China

Dr. Eliezer Be'eri explains why an Israeli device used to treat pneumonia victims will offer coronavirus patients a safer treatment and will hopefully go on sale in China in the next few months.

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Israeli Researchers Find Modern Tumor in Dinosaur Tail

Learn how Israeli scientists are using dinosaur fossils from 66 million years ago to help advance the medical field today!

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Israeli Startup Hopes to Battle Alzheimer’s

While the road ahead will be long, lab testing by Israeli researchers shows that an enzyme-inhibiting compound might slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s, reports the Times of Israel.

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Israel Techies Tackle Australia Bush Fire Challenges

Israeli 15-hour hackathon works on solutions to issues like water contamination, monitoring air quality, and more to cope with the consequences of Australia's wildfires.

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Hebrew University Researchers Develop Test to Help Fight Superbugs

A team of researchers at Hebrew University can test to see whether bacteria will develop tolerance to certain antibiotic treatments prior to giving them to patients, reports the Times of Israel.

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Celebrating a Decade of Life-Changing Israeli Inventions

From helping those with paralysis to walk to printing a 3D heart, Israeli innovators have made some amazing strides in innovation over the last decade.

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24 Israeli Breakthroughs of 2019

The Fellowship wishes you a happy New Year! Take a look at the many accomplishments, discoveries, and innovative thinking by Israeli innovators in 2019.

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