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Bibi: Israel Stopped 50 ISIS Attacks

Sharing that our shared cyber intelligence thwarted the Islamic State terror group, PM Netanyahu says that American-Israeli cooperation is better than ever.

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ISIS Kills American Soldiers in Syria

An Islamic State suicide bomber with an explosive vest attacked a U.S. patrol in northern Syria.

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ISIS Was Entering Israel with Intent to Kill

The IDF neutralized seven terrorists from the Islamic State terror group who were trying to infiltrate Israel armed with automatic weapons and explosive suicide belts.

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ISIS Claims Sinai Rocket Attack on Israel

The Islamic State terror group claims it fired rockets into southern Israel in response to "Jewish aircraft" assisting Egypt in fighting terrorists.

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Once ISIS Is Gone, Hezbollah Will Work to Take Its Place

After the Middle East's current war on jihadist terror is over and the Islamic State has been eliminated, the Lebanese terror group will become the region's largest.

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Sinai Christians Flee Amid ISIS Killing Spree

Evangelical Christians in Egypt's Sinai region have been forced to flee after the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group has been killing members of their community.

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Islamic State Claims Eilat Rocket Attack, Threatens More

A terror group associated with the Islamic State posted online Thursday saying they are responsible for the rocket attack over Eilat. Writers at the Times of Israel tell us more.

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