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Sukkot Blessings from Stand For Israel

Stand for Israel is suspending activity October 14 for Sukkot, the biblical Feast of Tabernacles.

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The Fellowship Wishes You a Happy Sukkot!

The Fellowship blog is suspending activity October 14 for Sukkot, the biblical Feast of Tabernacles.

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Holocaust Survivors Reunite in Israel After 75 Years

After spending years apart and believing each other had been killed by the Nazis, two friends and Holocaust survivors reunite after 75 years reports the Times of Israel.

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Monday Devotional: Saying I’m Sorry

Saying “I’m sorry” is the most critical and powerful step in repentance and forgiveness.

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14 Fun Facts About the Holiday Season in Israel

As the High Holy Days continue, Israel21c shares some fun facts about what makes this time of year so special for Jews around the world.

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Old City Sites, Lanes Now Accessible for Travelers in Wheelchairs

Now tourists who are disabled have better access to many of Jerusalem’s popular sites after a 9-year renovation project reports the Times of Israel.

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How I Found My Bubby in ‘The Auschwitz Album’

Writing at the Times of Israel, Matt Lebovic shares his personal story of finally looking at one of the Holocaust’s most important sources – the Auschwitz Album – and discovering his grandmother’s photo there.

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Monday Devotional: All Is Forgiven

God is waiting for us, loving us, and anticipating our return so that He can forgive us. We just need to return to Him.

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Monday Devotional: The First Step to Change

The first step in repentance is taking responsibility for our actions.

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Monday Devotional: Neither Forsaken nor Forgotten

No matter how low a person has sunk, he or she is never forsaken.

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The Common Bonds Between Jews and Christians

Dr. Jeffrey D. Johnson, a professor, Baptist minister, and author, reflects on the deep and profound connections between Christianity and Judaism.

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Happy Labor Day from The Fellowship!

The Fellowship blog is suspending activity Monday, September 2, for Labor Day. We’ll be back on Tuesday, September 3, with updates from the Holy Land. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

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Holocaust Survivors and Families Celebrate Soul Music at Yad Vashem

During last week's annual "Mashiv Haruach" concert, musicians played Jewish soul music at Yad Vashem to bring back to life Jewish culture that the Nazis tried to destroy.

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Monday Devotional: The Apple of Your Eye

Because we are the apple of God's eye, we know that He will protect us.

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Where to Purchase Amazing Original Artwork in Israel

Our friends at ISRAEL21c share where to find unique Israeli artwork during your next trip to the Holy Land!

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Monday Devotional: Bring Us Back, Father

When it feels like God is stopping us in our tracks, it’s because He is steering us in another direction.

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Holocaust Survivor Marks 104th Birthday at Western Wall with 400 Descendants

Auschwitz survivor, Shoshanna, celebrates her 104th birthday at the Western Wall with her whole family.

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Monday Devotional: Beginning a New Day

A new light is ready to come into the world and into our lives every day.

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Let’s Make Israeli Halva!

Watch now to learn how to make delicious Israeli halva!

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Israeli Researchers Produce Sustainable Bioplastics With Algae

Now, Israeli researchers are working on a way to use seawater algae to make biodegradable plastics reports NoCamels, helping to combat harmful plastic waste in our oceans.

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Monday Devotional: Give Me Strength

Just as God was able to help Abraham achieve a miraculous victory, God would also help His people in the future.

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