Yael's Holy Land Reflections

Father’s Day Without My Father

I was blessed to have a father like Rabbi Eckstein, and I pray that I can follow his example as an effective leader, humble servant of God, and loving parent. But this Father’s Day I will also give thanks for our heavenly Father, who loves us with an everlasting love for all of eternity.

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Rabbis’ Daughters Visit Destroyed Village

Yael Eckstein accompanied the daughter of Rabbi Carlebach to see what is left of Moshav Mevo Modiin.

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Secure Every Synagogue

In the wake of horrific violence against houses of worship, The Fellowship is looking to provide security and safety for every synagogue under threat around the world.

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‘I Want Them to Believe That Coexistence Is Possible’

A Fellowship staff member in Israel recalls today's rocket attacks that left him searching for safety with his family.

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Christians and Jews — Natural Friends

Writing at Fox News, Fellowship President Yael Eckstein offers gratitude to God this holy season for the Jewish people's faithful Christian friends.

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The Fellowship Wishes You a Happy Passover and Easter!

We want to wish a blessed Passover to all our Jewish friends and a happy Easter to all our Christian friends! In observance of Good Friday and the beginning of Passover, we’ll be taking tomorrow, April 19 off, but we’ll be back on Monday, April 22, with more updates from the Holy Land.

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Passing the Mantle

CBN 's Chris Mitchell sat down with Fellowship President Yael Eckstein to discuss the holy work her father did and how she is continuing The Fellowship's mission.

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New Olim Settle near Gaza with Help from The Fellowship

From eight months to 82-years-old, 250 new Israelis landed in the Holy Land today on a Fellowship Freedom Flight from Ukraine.

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Why I Turned My Bomb Shelter into a Playroom

Writing at Fox News, Yael Eckstein talks about the toll taken on both parents and children of Israeli families targeted by terrorist violence.

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A Righteous Person and Hero of the Jewish People

Writing at The Jerusalem Post, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach remembers how his good friend Rabbi Eckstein worked tirelessly to build bridges with Christians.

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A New and Gifted Leader

Concerned Women for America CEO and President Penny Nance mourns the loss of Rabbi Eckstein, but welcomes the leadership of her friend Yael.

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Keeping the Candle Burning

The Times of Israel reports on Yael Eckstein's path to carrying on her father Rabbi Eckstein's vision and mission with The Fellowship.

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Seven Days

Jewish grieving customs make space for mourning, believing it is healthy and honorable. Learn more about sitting shiva, a custom Yael and the rest of her family are observing in the wake of Rabbi Eckstein’s passing.

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What’s Next?

As Yael Eckstein mourns the passing of her father, she answers some of the questions you may have, and asks for you to stand with her as she and The Fellowship's move forward.

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Parting with Rabbi Eckstein in Song

At Rabbi Eckstein's burial, the loved ones of this man who so loved music sent him off with song.

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The First Day

As we grieve Rabbi Eckstein's passing, here's a look at the Jewish mourning rituals his family is observing.

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To My Most Loving Abba’

Yael Eckstein shared these moving words at the funeral of her beloved father, Rabbi Eckstein.

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Aveilut: A Time to Mourn

Learn more about the Jewish grieving customs Yael and the rest of her family are observing in the wake of Rabbi Eckstein's passing.

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Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, 1951-2019

We are heartbroken to tell you that Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, The Fellowship's Founder and President, passed away today in his home in Jerusalem at the age of 67.

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Condolences from Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson, founder and chairman of The Christian Broadcasting Network, has been a friend of Rabbi Eckstein and The Fellowship for years. Earlier today, after hearing of the passing of his longtime friend, he sent us this lovely note of condolence.

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