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240 New Israelis Arrive on Latest Freedom Flight

This week, 240 new olim immigrants to Israel) made aliyah to the Holy Land aboard the latest Fellowship Freedom Flight.

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Fellowship-adopted IDF Battalion Shoots Down Syrian Drone

The Lions of the North air defense battalion, which is one adopted by The Fellowship and our faithful supporters, was responsible for downing a Syrian drone that encroached on Israeli territory in the Golan Heights.

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Yom HaShoah Is a Call to Assist the Poorest Survivors

Rabbi Eckstein writes that Holocaust Remembrance Day, which begins Sunday at sundown, is not just a day for remembering those who were lost, but for helping those who survived.

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From Remembrance to Action

The Fellowship's latest global campaign, as Holocaust Remembrance Day approaches, aims to move from Holocaust commemoration towards action that helps impoverished Holocaust survivors.

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The Fellowship Picks Up Mantle to Help Needy on Passover

The Fellowship and our faithful supporters are once again providing for Israel's neediest this holy season.

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Fellowship Delivers Passover Aid to 50,000 in Former Soviet Union

With Passover beginning in just one week, The Fellowship is delivering matzah and other much-needed items to 50,000 impoverished Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU).

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Building Bridges Between the Black Church and Israel

The Fellowship continues its mission of bridge-building between the Jewish state and the Jewish people and African-American Christians.

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Fellowship-supported IDF Program Helps Bedouin Community

An IDF-prep program supported by The Fellowship and our faithful friends is helping young people from an overlooked and often neglected sector of Israeli society.

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The Fellowship Calls on Government to Speak Out Against Anti-Semitism

After the latest wave of threats and anti-Semitic attacks, The Fellowship is urging Christians and Jews to "build bridges in response to hatred."

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Christian Leaders Tour Israel with The Fellowship

The latest Fellowship tour of the Holy Land hosts 14 Baptist leaders and continues the bridge-building mission of strengthening Christian support for the Jewish state.

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The Fellowship Provides Heating Assistance to 14,000 Elderly

Once again this winter, The Fellowship and our faithful supporters have provided aid to thousands of needy elderly across Israel.

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After Fires, The Fellowship Helps Haifa Plant Trees

After a series of fires devastated Haifa, many of them the result of terrorist arson, The Fellowship and our faithful friends have helped the Israeli city replant and grow again.

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