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Village Founded by Singing Rabbi Burns to Ground

Nearly all of the homes in the Israeli Moshav of Mevo Modiim were destroyed in this week's wildfires, with the villagers vowing "to rebuild."

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Secure Every Synagogue

In the wake of horrific violence against houses of worship, The Fellowship is looking to provide security and safety for every synagogue under threat around the world.

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New Olim Settle near Gaza with Help from The Fellowship

From eight months to 82-years-old, 250 new Israelis landed in the Holy Land today on a Fellowship Freedom Flight from Ukraine.

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Keeping the Candle Burning

The Times of Israel reports on Yael Eckstein's path to carrying on her father Rabbi Eckstein's vision and mission with The Fellowship.

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A Tremendous Pool of Love

Pat Robertson and the 700 Club remember their dear friend, Rabbi Eckstein, and the bridges he built between the compassionate Christian community and the Jewish community.

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One Is the Number That Matters

A lasting message that Rabbi Eckstein left us all was that we must rid the world of suffering, human being by human being.

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Unto the Nations

Rabbi Eckstein believed his personal calling and divine mandate included bringing Christians into the miraculous rebirth of the Holy Land of Israel.

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Defending Our Defenders

The Fellowship and our faithful friends continue to support the IDF, which not only mirrors Israel's vast potential, but also her challenges.

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It’s Not Enough to Remember

The Jerusalem Post's Rachel Cohen reports on The Fellowship's efforts to aid Holocaust survivors.

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1/3 of All Olim Backed by Christians

A large portion of Jewish immigrants who come to their historical and biblical homeland do so with the help of Christians around the world.

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The Extra Soul of All We Do

Two of The Fellowship's flagship programs - aimed at helping Israel's elderly and new olim (immigrants) - are made possible by our thousands of volunteers.

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‘When I Remember, I Weep’

93-year-old Mishka Zaslavsky was the only survivor of the 1941 Odessa massacre, and is now one of too many Holocaust survivors still struggling to survive in Ukraine.

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