Aunt Maria Errazuriz and Betty Fridman, a Jewish girl she rescued

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Aunt Maria

Maria Errazuriz - a Christian social worker who children called "Aunt Maria" - saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

Ivan Vranetic rekindling eternal flame at Yad Vashem, 1970

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Rekindling Love, Rekindling Light

A 17-year-old Gentile boy saved a young mother, her own elderly mother, and her young child, later rekindling his relationship with her in the Holy Land, which he would call home.

Yosef Kleinman testifies at Eichmann trial, 1961

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The Eichmann Trial’s Youngest Witness

The youngest Holocaust survivor to testify at the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann has passed away at the age of 91.

Ukrainian Nazis march in Kiev, April 28, 2021

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Hundreds March to Honor Nazi SS in Ukraine

In the latest instance of the world not only forgetting the Holocaust, but showing blatant anti-Semitism, hundreds marched to honor the Nazis in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

Maria Madi video from USHMM

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I Am Going to Be a Witness

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shares the diary of Maria Madi, a Christian doctor in Budapest who saved Jews during the Holocaust.

Flags of Israel and the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, 2013

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Rescue in the Philippines

This documentary tells the story of the friendship between the Philippines and the Jewish people, and of the rescue of more than a thousand people during the Holocaust.

Rochelle Kokotek (oldest daughter) and family, 1942

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Her Family’s Only Survivor

Eleven-year-old Rochelle lay ill in the hospital when the Nazis sent her family to Auschwitz. Then a Christian family rescued her from certain death.

Colette - Oscar-winning Holocaust film

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And the Oscar Goes to… A Film About the Holocaust

A film about an elderly woman who confronts her own Holocaust history - in which she fought against the very Nazis who murdered her brother.

Fishing boat of Henry and Ellen Thomsen

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Fishing Boat to Freedom

Henry and Ellen Thomsen saved Jews during the Holocaust by ferrying them to Sweden aboard a fishing boat, an act which cost Henry his life.

Russian children during WWII who suffered through air raids and famine

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From Holocaust to Famine

The famine that followed World War II proved to be nearly as horrible as the Nazi atrocities that Holocaust survivors had just endured.

Natalia and Inka, mother who saved baby during Holocaust

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‘With God’s Help We Will Take Care of Her’

Not until she was 57 did Sabina learn her true story - she had been a Jewish baby named Inka hidden from the Nazis by a Christian family.

Prince Philip and his mother, Princess Alice

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Prince Philip, Husband of Queen and Son of Righteous Gentile, Passes Away at 99

The mother of Queen Elizabeth's husband was named Righteous Among the Nations for saving Greek Jews during World War II.

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