Great Britain

Jews in Stamford Hill, London, where pregnant Jewish woman was attacked

Stand For Israel

Pregnant Jewish Woman Attacked in London

British police are investigating an anti-Semitic attack on an Orthodox Jewish woman in London captured on security camera footage.

London Bus

Stand For Israel

Holocaust Survivor and Her Rabbi Son Attacked on London Bus

In the latest anti-Semitic event, an 80-year-old survivor of the Holocaust and her rabbi son were assaulted - because of their faith - on a London bus.

British humanitarian that rescued children from Nazi Germany, Nicholas Winton

Fellowship Blog

Relentlessly, Courageously, and with Integrity

Known as "the British Schindler," Nicholas Winton rescued 669 Jewish children on the eve of the Holocaust.

Moses Montefiore on his 100th birthday

Stand For Israel

The Prince

During his 100 years of life, Moses Montefiore accomplished many things, including helping start the Zionist movement and telling a perhaps apocryphal joke at the expense of an anti-Semite.

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