Rochelle Kokotek (oldest daughter) and family, 1942

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Her Family’s Only Survivor

Eleven-year-old Rochelle lay ill in the hospital when the Nazis sent her family to Auschwitz. Then a Christian family rescued her from certain death.

Germaine Ribiere

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The Christian Student Who Outsmarted the Nazis

Germaine Ribiere was a Christian student in France during WWII who did all she could, including disguising herself as a cleaning lady in a Nazi-occupied building, to save her Jewish neighbors.

Nice church in France, scene of terrorist stabbing, October 29, 2020

Stand For Israel

Nice Church Attack Leaves Three Dead

A terrorist in a Nice church stabbed and murdered three worshipers. Please pray for the loved ones of those killed, and for the safety of all people of faith.

Marie-Rose Gineste with her bicycle

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‘All the Days of My Life’

Marie-Rose Gineste not only delivered - on her bicycle - a pro-Jewish and anti-Nazi letter to French churches, but also sheltered and saved many Jews during the Holocaust.

Mennonite Righteous Gentile Lois Gunden, 1942

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A Mennonite in Nazi-Occupied France

A Mennonite from the U.S. and a French teacher, Lois Gunden rescued many Jewish children in France during the Holocaust.

Yael with olim, February 2020

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Prophecy in Action

Yael visits a new Israeli who you brought home to the Holy Land aboard a Fellowship Freedom Flight a year ago.

Old photo of Holocaust victim Father Jacques de Jesus, sitting and smiling in tattered priest robes

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Goodbye, Children

Father Jacques was a French priest and teacher who used his school to shelter Jews from the Nazis.

Paris metro

Stand For Israel

Attacked for Speaking Hebrew

An Israeli student in Paris has been hospitalized after being beaten because of the language he speaks.

Andre and Magda Trocmé

Stand For Israel

A Story of Faith in Action

During World War II, Andre and Magda Trocmé and the people of Le Chambon, France, lived out their faith even though doing so put their own lives at great risk.

Ehud Loeb and his father

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The Boy and the Butcher

The story of Ehud Loeb, a Jewish boy who would lose his family and his identity during the Holocaust.

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