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Israeli Researchers Produce Sustainable Bioplastics With Algae

Now, Israeli researchers are working on a way to use seawater algae to make biodegradable plastics reports NoCamels, helping to combat harmful plastic waste in our oceans.

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Walk the Pilgrim’s Road that Led to the Jewish Temple 2,000 Years Ago

After the excavation of the ancient Pilgrim's Road in Jerusalem, you can walk all the way from the Pool of Siloam all the way up to the Western Wall for the first time in 2,000 years. In ancient times, it is believed that Jesus would have walked this path up to the Temple.

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Archaeologists Say They Found Town Where Future King David Took Refuge

Did Israeli archaeologists just discover the biblical site of Ziklag? In the Bible, the future Kind David was given shelter in Ziklag by Philistine King Achish.

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The Biblical Origins of 3.14

On "Pi Day," the Biblical Archaeology Society shares how the number 3.14 was arrived at during the construction of Solomon's Temple in Bible times.

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Misplaced 2,000-Year-Old Ring Discovered in Jerusalem’s City of David

The Times of Israel tells us more about a ring discovered from ancient times that most likely fell off during a ritual bath.

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6 Israeli Archaeology Stories from 2018

From Sodom and Gomorrah to the Dead Sea Scrolls, here are some of the most interesting archaeological findings from the Holy Land this past year.

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A Kaleidoscope of Biblical Imagery

An archaeological excavation of the Galilean village of Huqoq keeps on giving.

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2,000-Year-Old ‘Pilate’ Ring Might Have Belonged to Jesus Judge

Did researchers uncover a ring that belonged to Pontius Pilate in biblical times? Writers at the Times of Israel tell us more about what experts have to say about the 2,000-year-old copper alloy ring.

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A Shadow over Europe

A new poll shows the depths that anti-Semitism has reached in Europe.

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Secrets of a Lost Village of Ancient Israel Come to Light

Writers at Israel21c explain that because of new technologies like underground LiDAR (light detection and ranging) scans and 360-degree cameras, Israeli researchers are discovering remains of an ancient village in the lowlands of Jerusalem.

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The Most Important Holocaust Story Never Told

Writing at Tablet Magazine, Leonard Felson tells us about a new Holocaust film about the Oyneg Shabes Archive, a collection of hidden documents that explain life in the Warsaw Ghetto.

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Dead Sea Scroll Fragment May Point to an Unknown Manuscript

Newly discovered Dead Sea Scroll fragments were presented at the Israel Museum in honor of Israel's 70th anniversary. These fragments help fill in the gaps of the already published scrolls, as well as provide evidence of an unknown manuscript.

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