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The Last Survivor of Treblinka

Samuel Willenberg was a Holocaust survivor who was the last remaining witness to the 1943 revolt at the Treblinka death camp, as well as an Israeli artist, sculptor, and writer.

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Photo Friday: It Was Winter

During World War I, many of Germany's soldiers were Jewish, as seen in this photo from Hanukkah, 1916.

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The Boy and the Butcher

The story of Ehud Loeb, a Jewish boy who would lose his family and his identity during the Holocaust.

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Those Who Save One Life Save a Universe

Johan van Hulst was a Dutch Christian who saved more than 600 Jewish children from the Nazis during the Holocaust.

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Holocaust Survivor Photos Defaced with Swastikas

An act of "anti-Semitic defilement" called "an attack on all of Austria" was carried out on a Viennese exhibit honoring those who already survived the world's worst anti-Jewish hatred.

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‘We Won’t Be Collateral Victims’

At a special service before Rosh Hashanah, Jewish leaders in France warned their president of their country's — and contintent's — rising anti-Semitism.

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French Deputy Mayor Says Future of Jews in Europe Is ‘Hopeless’

As anti-Semitic attacks continue across Europe, leaders of the European Jewish community are now warning Jews to stop wearing kippahs (yarmulkes).

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Bibi: Israel Has Stopped Hijacked Planes Crashing into Europe

Speaking to NATO ambassadors, PM Netanyahu says that Israel has thwarted "several dozen major terrorist attacks," including some involving civil aviation.

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What if Time is Not Israel’s Enemy?

Writing at JNS, the always thoughtful Jonathan Tobin asks whether the change of U.S. administrations, coupled with the fact that European leaders may be getting wise to the true intentions of Palestinian leadership, puts Israel in a stronger position internationally.

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Anti-Semitism and Europe

Israeli journalist Zvika Klein courageously ventured through the streets of Paris while donning a kippah – a skullcap worn by Orthodox Jews – and with a hidden cameraman by his side.

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