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Project Spotlight: Yad LaKashish

Fellowship-supported Yad LaKashish (which means “lifeline for the elderly”) provides an opportunity for needy elderly to work and retain their dignity during their final years.

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Campaign to Illuminate Hanukkah for Israel’s Elderly Population

While Hanukkah is a holiday of light and miracles for the Jewish people, so many of Israel’s lonely elderly feel especially isolated during this time of year, which is why The Fellowship will visit the homes of these precious people to bring them light and joy this holy season!

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: Among the Aged

Yad LaKashish ("Lifeline for the Elderly" in Hebrew) is a Fellowship program that provides Israel's elderly with aid, work, and companionship.

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The Gift of Fellowship

The Fellowship's With Dignity and Fellowship program, made possible by our friends around the world, shows needy elderly that they are not alone.

Stand For Israel

Rocket Slams Old Age Home

A resident of an elderly facility in southern Israel was wounded when a terrorist rocket from Gaza struck the senior center where she lives.

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All Alone Without You

The millions of deaths in Eastern Europe during World War II had a drastic effect on the Jewish community still being felt today.

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Israel Preps for Searing Heatwave

Holy Land health officials are issuing safety instructions as temperatures jump, and as The Fellowship continues to help Israel's most vulnerable this summer.

Yael's Holy Land Reflections

Finding the Forgotten

With tens of thousands of elderly Holocaust survivors alone and in need of help, we will never stop searching and caring for these forgotten Jews who mean the world to us.

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