Dvir Sorek

Suspected killer of Dvir Sorek

Stand For Israel

How Israel Nabbed Dvir Sorek’s Killers

Worried that the murderers of the student and soldier would strike again, the IDF, Shin Bet, and Border Police worked quickly and cooperatively to nab them.

PM Netanyahu at scene of terror stabbing, August 8, 2019

Stand For Israel

Bibi: They Want to Destroy, We Want to Build

After young Dvir Sorek was murdered by terrorists, PM Netanyahu promised that the student and soldier's killers would soon face justice.

Dvir Sorek, terror stabbing victim

Stand For Israel

Dvir Had a Light in His Eyes

Dvir Sorek was a caring young man who had bought gifts for his teachers, and whose grandfather was also killed in a 2000 terror attack.

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