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The World Needs You

Yael Eckstein recently spoke to Christian young people at Regent University, telling them that their relationship with Israel is helping fulfill biblical prophecy.

Stand For Israel

A Far Different Country Than Today

An Iranian-born Christian inspired by The Fellowship talks to CBN News about a time when his homeland not only had relations with Israel, but supported the rights of Christians and Jews.

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The Miracle of the Jewish People’s Return to Israel

Dr. David Jeremiah writes about the return of the Jewish people to Israel, a miraculous act of God that was specifically prophesied and happened exactly as it was foretold.

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A Story of Faith in Action

During World War II, Andre and Magda Trocmé and the people of Le Chambon, France, lived out their faith even though doing so put their own lives at great risk.

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Latest UN Horror Show: Christian Refugees Ignored

Last year, The Fellowship began providing aid for the thousands of displaced Christians in the Middle East, but this persecuted minority continues to be ignored by the world.

Yael's Holy Land Reflections

The Power of Partnership

Though at one time it was a radical idea, today, the relationship between Christians and Jews is not only possible, but a blessing to us all. Let us continue to work in the spirit of togetherness, united in service to our God.

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The Iranian Refugee Who Loves the Jewish State and Jewish People

A persecuted Christian who fled Iran is now a friend of The Fellowship and the Jewish people, and is visiting Israel for the first time.

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Will Mideast Christians Share the Fate of the Region’s Jews?

Looking at the historical persecution of Jews and how it is similar to the rise of the same against Middle East Christians.

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America’s Future Depends on Our Relationship with Israel

World leaders should extend the same goodwill as the U.S. to the Jewish state and her people.

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Palestinian Persecution of Christians Must Stop

The world's ongoing neglect of Christians under Palestinian Authority rule could very well lead to the disappearance of Christianity in the land of its birth.

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Christian TV HQ in Jerusalem Destroyed by Firebomb

Our friends at the Daystar Television Network in Jerusalem lost their studio over the weekend after it was the target of an arson attack.

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Out of the Snare

A Christian Zionist in Jerusalem recalls the day more than 20 years ago when she was nearly killed by a suicide bomber.

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Easter & Good Friday in Jerusalem

Thousands of Christians celebrated the holy season in the Holy City.

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Iran’s Mounting Persecution of Christians

While the rights of Christians are being violated by the Islamic Republic — which is against international law — the international community remains silent.

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A Tremendous Pool of Love

Pat Robertson and the 700 Club remember their dear friend, Rabbi Eckstein, and the bridges he built between the compassionate Christian community and the Jewish community.

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Unto the Nations

Rabbi Eckstein believed his personal calling and divine mandate included bringing Christians into the miraculous rebirth of the Holy Land of Israel.

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The Rabbi Who Rallied Christians for Israel

Christianity Today's Kate Shellnutt remembers Rabbi Eckstein for overcoming centuries-long tensions between Christians and Jews.

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1/3 of All Olim Backed by Christians

A large portion of Jewish immigrants who come to their historical and biblical homeland do so with the help of Christians around the world.

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America’s Pastor and Israel’s Friend

The influential preacher who advised presidents, transformed Christianity in America, and stood for Israel has passed away at the age of 99.

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Bibi Slams Iran for Mistreatment of Christians

PM Netanyahu eviscerates Christmas tweet by Iranian foreign minister, calling it "the height of hypocrisy."

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From Jerusalem, Bibi Offers Christians Personal Tour of Israel

In a Christmas Eve video message to Israel's Christian friends, PM Netanyahu offers a tour of Israel next Christmas, saying, "I'll be your guide."

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