World ORT Students Remote Learning

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Project Spotlight: Helping World ORT Students in the FSU

The Fellowship provides for the needs of children in need, offering financial support to Jewish families in the FSU, so remote learning for students is still possible.

Israeli girl in school who The Fellowship helps out of poverty

Stand For Israel

Poverty Keeps Thousands of Israeli Kids from School

Thousands of Israeli children head back to school facing not only the ongoing pandemic, but unimaginable poverty, as well.

An Israeli child's delight at Toy and Music Fair, Tel Aviv, August 1975

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: Take Delight in the Lord

A photo from the 1975 Toy and Music Fair in Tel Aviv shows an Israeli child filled with delight.

Doctor Janusz Korczak and children

Stand For Israel

The Doctor and His Children

A pediatrician and a children's author, Janusz Korczak also ran a Polish home for Jewish children, and stayed with these youngsters all the way to Treblinka extermination camp.

Friendship between two boys, Joseph and Amos, in 1962 in Ashdod, Israel

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: Friendship with Each Other

Two friends in Israel in 1962 mirror the biblical friendship of David and Jonathan.

Buchenwald concentration camp children prisoners

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Kalina’s Children

A prisoner and resistance member of Block 66 of Buchenwald concentration camp, Antonin Kalina saved the lives of more than 900 Jewish children imprisoned there.

Black & white photo of young children behind a barbed-wire fence in Auschwitz

Stand For Israel

5 Christian Holocaust Heroes

The stories of five Righteous Gentiles who saved the youngest lives the Nazis wished to extinguish.

Children in Fellowship bomb shelter, November 2019

Stand For Israel

Israel’s Youngest Heroes

Israeli children have spent the past two days hiding from constant rocket fire in this Fellowship-renovated public bomb shelter made possible by friends like you.

IDF with children in Kiryat Malachi

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: Defending the Fatherless and Oppressed

An IDF officer assures Israeli children who live in the southern town of Kiryat Malachi, near the Gaza border where rockets constantly threaten.

R.J. Palacio

Fellowship Blog

Why a Children’s Author Wrote a Holocaust Story

Renowned young adult novelist R.J. Palacio talks about why her latest book deals with the darkest chapter of the Jewish people's history.

David Ben-Gurion watches Israeli children dance, 1949

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: Rejoicing Always in His Presence

In this photo taken in 1949, Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion delights in watching Israeli children dance outside his office.

Pool in Netiv Ha'Asara, Israel

Stand For Israel

Rockets Send Children Scrambling

Dozens of Israeli youngsters were enjoying their final night swim of the summer when rocket fire from Gaza sent them scurrying to find protected spaces.

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